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It's Sexy Time -- She's the biggest freak he knows..

This girl is no average girl. He's been waiting his whole life for a girl like her but no body was freaky enough, no body wanted to try the thing he wanted to try and nobody was NASTY enough. But this girl was a little more than he wanted and he loved every little bit of it. ... 

As he walked into the room he saw her standing there with a white lace negligee and candles everywhere. She was standing there with her right foot up on the chair and handcuffs in her left hand swinging them around slowly. Her perky breasts were sitting high and her long legs were oiled up and was shiny beautifully. He was excited; he heard things but he wasn't sure if what he heard was true, he knew a few people who have experienced her and now it was his turn. He walked up to her nervous as hell... he was confident in his sex game but compared to her he was a virgin.

She stared at him and he felt her undressing him with her clothes. He didn't know what he should be doing or if he was taking to long so he began to undress him and she stopped him. She wanted to be the one to get the clothes off; she liked to be dominant... he wasn't big on the idea but he let it  go. He just couldn't wait to see what she had to offer him.

                       "I don't want you doing anything; let me take care of you"

Was her last words. Now; Talking is prohibited.  

She pushed him on the bed and handcuffed him in a matter of seconds. One part of him was nervous because he didn't know what she had she was about to do... he was prepared but he wasn't prepared for what she did. 

She put on a show.. she brought the chair in the middle of the bed and she began doing a sexy dance to no music. Even though; there was no music she was on beat. She began removing her negligee and before he knew it she was posing naked; modelling for him... allowing him to take in her oily body. Her firm ass cheeks was juggling and her 36-D breast were jumping around as she was walking around modelling for him. 

He was excited and it showed.... penis was so hard and that was her cue to get to work. 

She climbed up on the bed and began undressing him... she started with the sweatpants... she unbutton and slipped them off and he made it easier because he had no underwear under. 

She took his penis in her room and examined, she was impressed with what she was doing. She was licking her lips and her eyes smiling as she was rubbing the meat softly.  She finally put it in her mouth and gave it a tight hug with her tongue and she slid her tongue up and down like the penis was a elevator travelling through different levels of a building. Before pushing it back with her tongue and flipping it over to push it back to the back of her throat without gagging... this girl's gag reflexes were amazing. She made the whole thing disappear and there was nothing else surfaced except for two testicles waiting for some love. She began bobbing her head up and down and sucking the soul out of his body. He was making faces he didn't know he knew how to make..he couldn't believe all 9 inches of his penis was in the mouth of this girl and she was just gargling it as if it was mouth wash.  Is she human? 

Yes; she was and she was spitting on his penis and slurping it back up.. she was a problem.. he could feel himself cumming but he didn't want it to end.. there was so much more she had to do. So he had to fight it back; he had to think about things that would stop him for ruining this for him.

Finally; she decided to show the balls some love.. She gently kissed them before running gargling them and moving her tongue wilding at the same time. She was slowly jerking him while gargling so he could feel a double sensation and he couldn't take it no more.. 

HE HAD TO RELEASE! & she knew it to so she decided to help him... she moved her hand quicker and move faster and he didn't know what to do with himself. 

His legs began to quiver and he let out a big moan before cumming everywhere. He was embarrassed; some of his cum got in her hair but she didn't say anything. She just looked at him smiling. 

She knew she was good at what she did. 


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