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This is a piece I wrote after Hurricane Katrina…


Can you believe this shit!?!
Three years later, people still living in F.E.M.A. trailers!
Can you believe this shit!?!
Billions of dollars were appropriated
To get things right, get everything situated
But, here we go again with the government red tape shit
Fucking the people with no K-Y, like slow rape shit
If you think this country, gives a damn about Black folk
You must be stupid, or choking on weed smoke
This shit ain’t  no joke!

What the hell did we ever do, to deserve to be treated like trash?
Didn’t we already do that slavery thing?  Damn!
Four hundred years didn’t satisfy your ass?
Why are Black folk still hated, being denigrated
Still rated in humanity’s context, like so much subtext
And you seem to wonder why, Blacks always seem so vexed
While you act perplexed:  What’s next, Tex?

After so many men, women and child
America has put us through twenty levels of hell
I want to know.  How much lower do we have to go?

For five days after Katrina, our government turned to us a blind eye
While bodies floated, decayed and bloated
Our city decimated, president Tex left New Orleans to die
All the excuses in the world won’t change the facts
There are many in America, who have no love for Blacks
Katrina proved that
And the world watches the hands of time turn back.

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