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What Kind of Women Do Men Want? I keep hearing this conversation online and it makes me laugh. People are getting close to it, but it’s usually not coming from men and when it does, men don’t want to…

What Kind of Women Do Men Want?

I keep hearing this conversation online and it makes me laugh. People are getting close to it, but it’s usually not coming from men and when it does, men don’t want to tell you the truth because it sounds so simple and they want to give you what you want to hear ladies. They want to give you something complex that sound intellectual ha.
I remember one comedian saying what do I want? F me, feed me and shut up”. It sounds real harsh right? Well, for the majority of men that’s probably the common denominator. Yes, for real. I apologize, but it’s human nature. Now some men, like myself, are romantics. What does this mean? Well, I definitely want sex, food and a time and a place for quietude, but I also enjoy turning a woman on and inspiring her and making her feel secure. It’s probably because I was raised by a single mother in Harlem and the Bronx, so I am protective and gracious of women. My mother meant the world to me and I grew up with the love of many women from aunts, cousins, grandmothers, godmothers and sisters so I love to conversate with women and to make them happy as they make me happy. But, even with a lover like me…a romantic, there is time for sex, a time to eat and I don’t like to argue or hear what we consider “Nagging” although as mentioned, I’ve learned that it’s really not nagging, just bad timing at times.
Oh, you mean the hunt? Men love the hunt. This is part of the problem of infidelity. See, we hunted you down, we ran game, we wined and dined you or whatever we did to turn you on and then we got the prize. Now what? Well, if we’re not careful, time flies and we go from that honeymoon period to real life where there is stress, in-laws, bills, kids, animals, jobs, school, appointments and less time for the prize… The sex use to be so accessible. The romance was too. You’re either not cooking like you use to or we’re not going out like we use to. We’re to tired, busy or have to much work to do around the house and running around town. Now we’re like little babies. “Can I have some now? I want food, drink, sex, sleep and quiet on the set. What do you mean you want me to do something else?”
This is why we need spirituality. This is why we need communication. This is why we need time management and to learn to work together as a team because when a man looks at this life of responsibility that he didn’t realize he was going to inherit, he’d rather just go and get some “WAP” from a Cardi B type. Ahhh, that’s easier.
I can imagine if he’s now acting like a grumpy old bum, he looses his swag, his game, his flirting, his humor and if he doesn’t communicate effectively, than the woman might just want to go see Dexter Saint Jacques in the Islands.
Ladies, do you remember this quote from Rapper Ludacris? “I want a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed”.
The basic man really wants sex, food, maybe companionship and to watch the game or enjoy his hobbies.
The average man wants sex, food, companionship and to know that you’re not a hoe. You don’t give it up easy, but if you are, he’ll take the cookie. Thanks. Goodbye
The advanced good man wants a long term relationship so he wants to see if you’re mentally compatible, if you have a lot in common, if you’re views are in sync so you won’t get on his nerves if you have clashing ideas, spiritually, culturally, politically, economically, sexually, socially.
He wants a nice, fun, cool, sweet lady. He still wants the basics, Sex, food and quiet at times, but he’s a little more advanced so he could wait.
Every man respects a woman who doesn’t give it up right away. Most men feel unsure about a woman who gives it up fast. They might take it but feel that they are not special in your eyes. You will do that for anyone. So even if the relationship lasts from 1 month to 3 years, he may still be a little skeptical about that first interaction.
My wife, when we were dating, stopped me, told me to sit across the room and we’ll talk and get to know each other. That blew my mind....
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Kamal Imani
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