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Rich and Riveting Tribute in the Times of the Pandemic: Michael Golding Releases Inspiring New Single

Crafting raw and soulful music, Michael Golding is sending waves throughout the industry, with a mellow and touching tribute offered to the fighters of the past year. “Handprints on the Window Pane” is a memorable and mesmerizing track for the times of today.

Honolulu, Hawaii  - April 19th, 2021 -  Up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Michael Golding is rising through the ranks to become an authentic force. With a touching and raw tribute to the…


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Re-discovering Roots with Unique R&B Music: D Merci Risas Unveils Inspiring New Single

With the release of his refreshing new single, D Merci Risas is psyched and ready to soar to new heights, establishing his position as the new face of R&B and Afro-inspired music

Phoenix, Arizona - April 21st, 2021 -  A rising new force in the genre of contemporary music, D Merci Risas is all set to take the music industry by storm. With a breakthrough single titled…


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The Compelling Story of VP Casso, His Brotherhood, the “COUNCIL”, and His Latest Single, “YOU”

Get Ready because VP Casso and His COUNCIL are Bringing the Heat with His Fire New Single!

Yuma, Arizona  –  April 28, 2021 – VP Casso’s musical journey started at the youthful age of 12 years old, finding both solace and inspiration in beats to get through a tough upbringing. Overcoming all hurdles, he has evolved into a gifted artist as well as a classy businessman. VP Casso is now looking to be the…


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Mesmerizing Storytelling through Hip Hop and R&B Fusions: Emerging Artist Shorty Bralik Releases New Album

With a dynamic and eclectic grasp over the genres of Hip Hop and R&B, rising sensation Shorty Bralik is all set to break through once again with the release of a sensory and soulful new album titled ‘Bralikworld”

Norfolk, Virginia - April 21st, 2021 -  An up-and-coming artist Shorty Bralik is changing the contemporary Hip Hop scene, crafting unique and soulful musical…


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Quarandreaming – Leading The Way Out Of The Pandemic

Music is secondary to the movement; Vamargi Lanino business partnership and new music release

Atlanta, Georgia  – April 25th, 2021 – Artist Legrand, one of a kind, is ready to make waves in the music industry with his unique approach. It’s not just the artist’s music – it is also about the philosophy behind it. A staunch environmentalist, and socially conscious personality, Legrand wants his music career to reflect his underlying values and…


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New Duo Band Artist Release Country Pop Single

Powerful country pop by this new duo band artist is bound to move all

New York, NY and Lima, Peru – March 8th 2021 – JANA & JORGE have managed to prove with their music that distance is just a number. With the assistance of modern day recording studio equipment, songwriter Izquierdo and singer Jana have formed an alliance that many would not have expected to be as successful as it has turned out to be. Together, the duo has managed to…


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Captivating Audiences with Electric Rock and Metal Compositions: Up-and-coming Sensation Velvet Razor Unveil New Single

Crafting rousing musical compositions, eclectic group Velvet Razor are setting their eyes on the prize as they release a refreshing and stirring new single “Thunder Child”, winning hearts of Rock fans everywhere.

Surrey, United Kingdom - April 10th, 2021 -  An up-and-coming sensation Velvet Razor are no strangers when it comes to creating the most immersive and electrifying music in the Rock genre. With powerful vocals, dynamic use of…


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Alternative Christian Music As A Force to Bring Meaning Into Peoples’ Life: Presenting to the World No Longer Alive

No Longer Alive is a progressive rock band with a Christian mission and a simple aim of touching peoples’ life with their stirring music and meaningful lyrics

Tampa Bay, FL – April 20th, 2021 – The rising sensation in alternative and progressive rock, No Longer Alive, is gearing to prove their mettle with the release of their new EP “Drowning”. Specializing in crafting stirring melodies for discerning listeners, No Longer Alive is a Christian…


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Rejuvenating and Inspiring with Rich Hip-Hop Music: Rising Artist Gunna Black Releases Stirring New Single

Gunna Black is no stranger when it comes to crafting the most inspirational and riveting tracks in the genres of Rap and Hip-Hop music, continuing his streak with the release of his stunning new track “Do Sum”.

Bessemer, Alabama - April 17th, 2021 -  An up-and-coming singer and songwriter Gunna Black is driven to break into the genre of Hip Hop and Rap, as he melds and…


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Healing the World with Gospel Pop and R&B Symphonies: Rising Artist Frank LeGree Is Geared to Inspire

Inspiring listeners with an expressive and stunning new track that highlights important messages while being echoed by soul-stirring background beats, talented  artist Frank LeGree featuring vocals of Robert Leon Daniels, co-producer and vocals  Tristan Geiger, Jerome Preston, Nina Simone  they are  striking all the right chords with new cover release titled “Loves in need.”

Buford, Georgia - April 19th, 2021 -  singer and…


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New Original Song Released by Gary Anthony— Start Spreading The News!

Check Out The New Jazz/Pop Track By Gary Anthony And Reminisce In Its’ Music And Masterful Songwriting

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States —  April 19, 2021 —  When it comes to Gary Anthony, there is always something new and wonderful up his sleeve. This time, he does it with his newest track “After Today (I’ll Call You Just A Friend)” While…


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Sensual and Enriching Jazz and Soul Combos: Will Ready Unveils New Single

With soulful and stunning tracks that both envelop listeners with peace and spin magical tales of love and beauty, seasoned artist Will Ready is ready and pumped to steal the show with a striking new single titled “Searching 4 Love”

Atlanta, Georgia - April 10th, 2021 -  A seasoned singer and songwriter Will Ready is climbing atop the charts of creativity as he showcases seasoned vocals and production in his stunning new…


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The Rasta Soldier Freeborn Caesar and a Wonderful Musical Journey

Listen to Freeborn Caesar’s phenomenal tracks that mark his conscious entry into the world of music

Lagos, Nigeria  —  Freeborn Caesar is an artist looking to revolutionize the world of music and change the meaning and perspective of the same. It is his rich and holistic background combined with an undying passion that makes him so good at what he does. His music is…


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Mixing Inspirational and Energizing Hip Pop and Rap Fusions: Rising Artist Dweeze Releases Fresh New Singles

Producing colorful and wide-ranging musical compositions, from stunning Pop to memorable R&B, emerging vocalist and songwriter Dweeze is all ready to capture the spirit of music with a string of sensational new singles.

Brookhaven, Mississippi - April 17th, 2021 - An up-and-coming phenomenon, Dweeze is a budding singer and songwriter who is on the right track to solidify his position within the diverse and fast-paced musical scene of the…


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High Energy R&B and Rhythmic Funk Music: Emerging Artist FunkmeisterBabybell Releases New Single

Crafting rich and mesmerizing musical compositions that effortlessly meld fusions of hip Funk music with striking R&B music, growing singer, and songwriter FunkmeisterBabybell is changing the rules of the game, with fresh and vibrant singles.

Cleveland, Ohio - April 17th, 2021 -  An up-and-coming phenomenon, FunkmeisterBabyBell is a budding vocalist and independent producer who is driven and motivated to take the music industry by storm,…


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From the Point of View of Truth: David Bryan Group Releases Its First Album

David Bryan, founder of the DGB, released a latest album which forms his autobiography

Tampa, FL - February 3rd, 2021 – David Bryan, the founder and songwriter for the David Bryan Group (DGB), is an up-and-coming artist who already has an album to his credit. Everything the DGB does, creates, or produces is guided by a simple principle of creating uplifting music. This can be most vividly witnessed in the group’s album, “Day After…


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Goal-Driven Relent215 All Set to Release a Killer Single

Relent215 is Ready to Show-Off How Adaptive He is with A Brand-New Single!

Killeen, Texas – April 16, 2021 – Relent215 first discovered his love for music when he was only a child. Since then, he has evolved into an all-around artist through his consistent efforts and burning passion. The artist has set foot into the genres of hip-hop, R&B, rap, and even…


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Alluring Dance and Electronic Pop Music: Rising Artist Bloom Phase Unveils New EP

With his mesmerizing music that mixes the best of the Electronic, Indie Rock and Dance genres, budding singer and songwriter Bloom Phase is all set to become the next biggest breakthrough with his stunning new EP titled “Keep in Time”

An up-and-coming artist from Phoenix, Arizona, Bloom Phase is driven to create music that beautifully blends the genres of EDM and Indie Rock. Seamlessly spinning magic with spellbinding musical compositions…


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WetStew Taking Over the World by Storm With Their Phenomenal Rock Music

Listen to WetStew’s latest New Singles and Witness How They Magically Bring Contemporary Elements Into Music

Florida, United States of America  —  WetStew, the independent original two-member band are definitely taking the world by storm. When it comes to the state of Progressive Rock today, nobody does it like them. They are synonymous for…


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Ralph Comfort Releases Brand New Country-Pop Single

Check Out Ralph Comfort’s Latest Single That Perfectly Blends Original Music With Unforgettable Vocals and Lyrics

Arkansas, United States  —  Nothing screams ‘brilliant songwriter’ more than Ralph Comfort. When it comes to him, one finds hints of originality, knowledge, and emotion in his songwriting. Ralph Comfort is a published poet and a registered songwriter with the company BMI…


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