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Masada M.E. Comes Out With Multiple EP And Single Releases This December

Masada M.E. promises exciting music to the industry

San Deigo, California - Masada M.E. releases his first and brand new album called "Not Apologetic" under NotApologetic Studios LLC this March. The album is comprised of 13 tracks. The gist of the album was to convey to listeners the value of self-sufficiency. M.E has no inhibitions being himself and doing as he pleases as long as it doesn't cause harm to people around him. Shortly after his…


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Memphis Lightning: The High-Energy Rock N Roll Road Warriors Ready To Take On The World

A power packed father-son duo from Florida have become the new face of Blues and High Energy Americana with their explosive stage shows and soulful, moving musical prowess

Topsham, Maine - December 12th, 2020 - Memphis Lightning is approaching 11 years of being a high-energy, blazing Americana, Blues, Roots and Rock n Roll force. A phenomenal and talented National Touring Act and recording artist of the acclaimed SweetTone studio, the band is…


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Jaxon Knight: Songs for the Discerning Listener

Recording artist from Madison puts together unique and familiar perspective to create distinct music

Madison, MS – December 12, 2020 – Jaxon Knight, a budding American artist, has recently released his first album "Rosa Blue." Many speculate that this album will be the beginning of the artist’s recognition as a versatile musician, capable of stringing intricate sounds together to create music which is eclectic in nature and…


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Feisty Collaboration between Music Producer MWM, Pace Won, and K-Blitz Ready to Hit the Swedish Hip Hop Scene

Music Producer MWM partners up with The Outsidaz founding member for an electrical new release

Arvika, Sweden - December 22, 2020 – Emerging music producer and upcoming artist, MWM is all set to release the title “Life is a dream.” This latest release features Pace Won and K-Blitz and will be available for download and streaming across all major music platforms.

Even though “Life is a dream” has not been released yet, it already has…


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Harmonious Hip Hop Tunes which Connect to God: Introducing to the World Josh Fonzarelli

Josh Fonzarelli creates music that reflects the soulful transition of growth from pits of adversity and struggle to fields of inner peace and prosperity

Greensboro, North Carolina - December 1st, 2020- A gifted and emerging name in the Hip Hop and Rap scene, Josh Fonzarelli is set to send waves across the music industry. A promising artist from Greensboro, North Carolina, Josh Fonzarelli is a powerhouse of talent and finesse. Josh is a dual…


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Frunt Ro da Youngin is set to be the Next Big Powerhouse of Hip Hop and R&B

Frunt Ro da Youngin’s music is an amalgam of his strong, familial R&B roots and hip new takes on the genre through his versatile musical taste

Atlanta, Georgia -  An up-and-coming powerhouse of Hip Hop music, Frunt Ro da Youngin is set to become the next big thing in R&B and Rap music. With the release of his widely awaited single “Falling Skies”, set to come out on January 4th ‘2021, Frunt Ro da Youngin is eyeing to compete against…


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Matt Jaffe and Bill Plympton Unveil "Voodoo Doll"

Matt Jaffe and Animator Bill Plympton Team Up for Brand New Video

San Francisco, California – Matt Jaffe cemented his dedication to music when he produced his first album at the age of 16, with the help of Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads. Since then, Matt has worked as a solo performer, band leader and musical director, collaborating with poets and songwriters to hone his musical talent.

"Voodoo Doll" is the first single released from…


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Grim & Darling Reunite To Release New Album, “THREE”

Listen To Grim & Darling’s Freshest Folk-Hop Musical Release

Denver, Colorado – Bonding over music brings people together, even those who were once estranged. Grim & Darling prove this statement to be true as they reunite to warm the hearts of their listeners. Jessa Love and Jordan Polovina joined forces to create Grim & Darling and have carved a name for themselves by crafting…


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Canadian Rockers Release American Dream

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada — Thursday, December 10th, 2020 — This Mad Desire’s new album American Dream has been described as containing “timeless songs designed for the times”.  It includes collaborations with hit producer Mark Zubek (Zedd Records, Toronto) as well as Dan Konopka (OK Go, Los Angeles). Recorded over two years, many of the basic tracks were recorded at the Hamilton Public Library’s…


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Marie Möör Is Out With Yet Another Striking Electronic Track

Check out Marie Möör's magic today!

Paris, France -  Marie Möör is here with another banger called "Kess Kiss pass?" meaning "What is going on?". The song was released on 6th November and had electronic fans hooked to it. Marie Möör knows how to get her fans grooving to the music. "Kess Kiss Pass?" elevates and sets the mood of its listeners. The music is pretty upbeat and will make you tap your toes in rhythm.

Marie Möör says, "So I…


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YourZ Trulee Is Str88 Up One Of The Most Versatile Up-and-Coming Artists in Hip Hop

YourZ Trulee’s Blurr to be released in 2021

Youngstown, OH - YourZ Trulee is a budding artist in the Hip Hop and R&B music industry. She has already released seven tracks and intends to release her new mixtape titled "Blurr" and a new album called "Elm and Saranac" in early 2021. The artist is unique in her style of creating music. She focuses more on giving her best to what she is putting on the table rather than following conventions or…


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Kelli Brogan Releases New Single, “I Miss The Little Things”

Listen to Inspiring Music with Kelli Brogan’s Latest Song Out Now

Victoria, Australia – Kelli Brogan is a natural-born entertainer. She grew up being exposed to music and ballroom dancing, which eventually rubbed off on her. She cultivated her artistic form by listening to the radio, watching musical performances on TV and performing in talent shows and musicals. She believes in telling a story through her music to convey a powerful sentiment…


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Gigi K Is Out With Yet Another Smashing Single After "Come My Way"!

It’s time to indulge in another smashing single by Gigi K

Boston, Massachusetts - December 8, 2020 - The upcoming and rising star GiGi K released her new single called "Honest." The song has endeared to many hip hop fans, and they are eagerly waiting for more from her. The pop artist has left a strong mark on her listeners with powerful lyrics. The song has groovy beats and mellow undertones, which are perfectly mixed to give out a "chill"…


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Presenting the Award-Winning Musician, The Amanda Emblem Experiment

Listen to The Amanda Emblem Experiment’s Latest EP, ‘Beautiful Blues’

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia  – Amanda Emblem entered the music industry as a young performer doing live shows in pubs and clubs of Australia. After touring overseas to provide entertainment for the Australian Armed Forces, Amanda believes her music to have adopted a more mature style. The artist now strives to be a performer that goes beyond “fun times” to make a social…


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Loops & Loops Releases His New Album "Some Half Forgotten Dream."

Loops & Loops to create a bang with the newest album!

Bronx, New York  – December 6, 2020- Loops & Loops released its new album this November, and lofi lovers are having a pleasant blast. The indie artist has beautifully captured the feeling of nostalgia amongst his listeners. The vibes that the music delivers is just what was needed amongst the chaos and stress in 2020. The man behind Loops & loops, Peter Bogolub, has recorded…


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Bryan Fahey Debuts His Solo Album, “Corporate”

Singer/Songwriter Bryan Fahey Releases New Alternative Rock Album, "Corporate" 

Chicago, Illinois – The corporate world can be harsh on some in ways that gaslight poignant feelings in individuals. Bryan Fahey has worked in the corporate world and knows this feeling better than any other musician. He uses music to bring to light these topics that are often not talked about in songs. Bryan uses his freedom as an independent…


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Robbo Brilliant is Ready to Transform the World

“From The Lou” Artist Stays Involved in Community Service to Help Those Who Need it the Most

St. Louis, Missouri – December 7, 2020 – Robbo Brilliant made waves with the release of his Midwest anthem “From The Lou” in September 2019. After dropping his first single, "Flippin", in 2016, Robbo Brilliant ignited his drive to inspire the world through his art. As a father, artist, generous philanthropist, and motivational…


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Actress, Model, and Singer/Songwriter All in One: Miss Kay is Ready to Take over the World

  • She calls herself “a songbird” and she truly is one

Jeffersonville, IN – December 7th, 2020 – A sweet mind, and sweeter voice: this is how companions tend to describe Miss Kay, a model and an emerging musical artist. Be it singing, songwriting, music composition, or dancing, Miss Kay loves everything to do with music and after competing in various American Idols, she has decided to officially pursue her…


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Power of Belief and Love for Music Intersects in Rowan Newcomb’s Newest Release

Artist Rowan Newcomb hopes to uplift individuals through his music

Morgan Hill, CA - December 7th, 2020 – If you only believe, anything is possible. This is the underlying principle of every piece of music that emerging Christian artist Rowan Newcomb produces and he hopes to spread the same uplifting message far and wide.

The main motivation behind Rowan Newcomb’s music production is his genuine desire to touch hearts and inspire…


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Bo$$y Way$ - An Endeavor to Bring Families Closer Together Through Music

Bo$$man Hoody Aims to Strengthen Families and Change Lifestyles through His Song Bo$$y Way$

Waco, TX – When it comes to music, Bo$$man Hoody is not a new name. Rather, it is a name of a singer and songwriter who has been in the music business for over two decades. What’s different this time round is the shift in this artist’s music style. Moving away from music meant specifically for adults or teenagers, Bo$$man Hoody is now venturing into…


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