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The Defective Monk Ignites the Flame of Aggressive Metal and Indie Techno with His Brand-New Single

Defective Monk’s blazing Electronic Metal Rock single is fused with energy and fiery emotions

Schiller Park, Illinois - December 18th, 2020 - A fiery and enigmatic powerhouse of aggressive metal and electronic music, Defective Monk is a force to be reckoned with, set to target and take over the musical industry. With his power-packed rich electronic combinations and fusions of Indie Metal and Rock, Defective Monk is set to establish himself…


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Jimmy Francis Infuses Humor in Iconic Holiday Jazz

Jimmy Francis blends and mixes the genres of Jazz and Alternative Pop, making music that is bound to make anyone listening enjoy and revel in its power and frenzy

Temecula, California - December 11th, 2020- A passionate musician and singer, Jimmy Francis has long been experimenting with his musical prowess and talented combinations. Beginning his journey in life as a stand-up comedian, he thought to try combining his two ultimate passions:…


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Award-Winning Country Duo Back with Christmas Track

Check Out This New Christmas Track, "Simple Down Home Christmas"

Irvine, California, United States – Husband and wife country duo Jed and Claire Seneca are back to brighten up everyone’s holiday season with their new single “Simple Down Home Christmas.” With soulful vocals and insightful lyrics, the song brings back the traditional and warm memories everyone felt back home when they were younger.

For years, Jed and Claire have been a…


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Up and Coming Artist, Wavis Mesmerizes Audiences With His Passionate Music

Groove to the gentle sounds of Wavis’ latest singles as they each bring a unique vibe of their own. Watch this rising artist shine globally with his emotion-rich and melodic works.

Ann Arbor, Michigan — December 8, 2020 —Music that comes from a place of passion takes a special place in a listener’s heart. Wavis is a rising singer and songwriter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has made a spectacular entry into the music industry by creating music…


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Sargent Tucker - Christmas Unites Us

Las Vegas, NV — Thursday, December 17th, 2020 — Sargent Tucker (ST) Re-releases for the holidays a single and video titled “Christmas Unites the World.” ST's motivation behind writing this composition is deeply rooted in spirituality. ST states “As an adult, he has a sincere desire to create music with a purpose, music that brings people together, enriching folks to project something positive into the universe. The essence of ST’s “Christmas Unites the…


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Victor Maxwell Releases New Christmas Single, "Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me"

You need to check out this promising new single by Victor Leon Maxwell.

Montreal, Quebec Canada – December 15, 2020 – With Christmas around the corner, it is with great joy that pop artist Victor Maxwell announces his new Christmas song, “Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me.” He was recognized as a pop artist for years, but this new release delves deeper into the classic Christmas.

The idea behind this song is to create a joyous and…


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Feel the Christmas Spirit with a Brand New Christmas Song

Christmas Is Around the Corner So Feel the Spirit with This New Single

Sapphire, North Carolina – In tough times like these, it is not easy to cope with everything going around you. Buddy Mix's new single, "Think About Santa Claus" will help listeners take their mind off their troubles, remember happy times, inspire hope, release doubt, move toward the light.  The catchy whistling will leave you with an earworm that is sure to keep you in the…


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Yellowstone Cowboy Preserves the Spirit of Country, Rodeo and Cowboys Through Music

With his rich, varied and artistic prowess over country and indie music, Yellowstone Cowboy continues to enthrall and inspire with his soulful, moving tales and musical combinations

Cleveland, OH  - December 14th, 2020 - An up-and-coming and down-and-out, singer and songwriter that wishes to bring back the forces of authentic country music with his soulful and strong indie vibe, Yellowstone Cowboy is a true force to be reckoned with. While…


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Yalepo and the Caribbean Rock Party Release New Single, “Planet of Love”

Look Out for Yalepo and the Caribbean Rock Party’s Latest Groovy Single

Bussum, North-Holland, Netherlands – December 25, 2020 – Yalepo and the Caribbean Rock Party are an Amsterdam band that appeals to lovers of progressive and hard rock. Their music is led by Yalepo Richard Langendijk on guitars and vocals, followed by Jacob Jacobs on drums, Henk Schutten on Bass and backing vocals, and Gus Genser on backing vocals.

“Planet of Love”…


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Musician Anjalts Reflects on Her New Single "Air to Fire"

Check out the newest single by Anjalts.

New York, NY United States – Singer/songwriter Anjalts has released her third new single "Air to Fire" for 2020.

The song was a piece of poetry she wrote after seeing the raging wildfires in the Amazon Rainforest, a place very close to home.  Her Indo-Caribbean grandparents raised her in the former British colony of Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America. …


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BDK Comes Out With Latest Single, “Reasons”

Listen to BDK’s Deep and Contemplative Single Release

Sacramento, California  – BDK is a Sacramento-born rapper who believes in composing songs that embrace life's hardships. He takes an introspective and contemplative lyrical approach touching on life's high, lows, and everything in between. From alternative to classic hip-hop music, the rapper has a unique sound that all music lovers will surely enjoy and relate to.

BDK's most recent…


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Tomer Douiev Produces Hip and Moving Fusions of R&B and Ballad

Tomer Douiev weaves magic into music as he delivers important stories and portrayals through his extensive, varied styles and songs producing the best of both worlds

Jerusalem, Israel - December 1st, 2020 - A gifted and influential force behind the mix and fusion of different moving genres, Tomer Douiev is a master of the art of R&B and Ballad-style music. The phenomenal master of both genres continues to grow and succeed in the industry…


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Presenting the Pop Artist, Monica Martoff and Her First EP, ‘Vaporwaves’

Check Out Monica Martoff’s Collaboration With Diastrid for Her Latest Release

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  – Monica Martoff has always been inexplicably drawn towards the musical arts, indicating that she always cut out to be a musician from the very beginning. She started out with just an acoustic guitar, but her natural songwriting abilities took her far ahead in the industry. In the 80s, she joined L.A.S.S. or Los Angeles Songwriters…


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Samson Vi Showcases New Song, “Alone” Featuring Max1Millions

Samson Vi Collaborates With EDM Producer Max1Millions for His Recent Release

Madison, Wisconsin – Samson Vi, formerly known as Nico Rocer, has been through quite the journey to realize his purpose as a musician. Samson started writing music at a young age. The recent atmosphere due to the global pandemic made him rethink his goals, finally setting him off his path as a professional musician. The artist uses the name, Samson Vi, pronounced as…


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Promising New Single "Sunrise" by Eduardo Released

Eduardo Releases a New Single "Sunshine" About New beginnings

Auburn, Al, United States – "Sunrise" is a new single released by Eduardo. This song is all about new beginnings and how there is always sunlight after a dark night. The artist wants to focus on the beauty of second chances.

"Sunrise" was released on 5th July 2020. He has written this song to appreciate what they have and never give up on their dreams. Even if things are…


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Believe Over Hope Releases New Love Album

Christian Artist Believe Over Hope Releases New Love Album!

Accra, Ghana - Couple duos aren't uncommon in the music industry. However, unlike the other couples in the industry, Richard and Sheena Lovia Boateng have a bigger agenda than just showcasing their love. They're using their music to spread the word of Jesus.

Their new album 'Hello Sheena' combines their love for each other as well as their love for Jesus. Written and produced…


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New Release By Mark the P.i.m.p to Lift Up the Spirits of All

Mark the P.i.m.p released New Single "Smooth Ones" on November 22nd!

Anchorage, Alaska - In the past few years, the world as a collective has seen a myriad of changes and revolutions take place. In the midst of the world changing, one thing has remained constant, the use of music to inspire. Artists like Mark the P.i.m.p have been using music for generations to push for a better…


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Rising Metal Band Existing In Exile Releases Splendid New Album, ‘Enter the Odyssey’

Sway to the sounds of traditional death metal with a touch of contemporary with this versatile new album! Stream this spectacular album now!

Nashville, Tennessee — December 12, 2020 — When you’ve got great music to keep you company, even the darkest days seem sane. Existing In Exile is one such up and coming melodic death metal band that is winning hearts with their incredible music.

To continue their streak of fabulous music, Existing…


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Montu Mercury Releases His First Album, 'The Realm Of Merc'

Check Out Montu Mercury's Latest Release for Other Worldly Music

Saint Louis, Missouri – "Game recognizes all game," that is the code that Montu Mercury used to build the foundation of music within him. As a 90s kid, Montu grew up listening to the early hip-hop sounds. What cultivated his interest in music was his intrigue with the horrorcore music movement. With this, the artist began making music that resonated with the sounds of hip-hop,…


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Aim For The Stars Unveils First Single in 8 Years, "It's Christmas"

Have a Merry Little Christmas With Aim For The Stars' Latest Christmas Song

Manchester, North West England, United Kingdom - "Aim for the moon; even if you miss, you'll still be amongst the stars." This quote by W. Clement Stone is what inspired Adam Bradbury to start Aim For The Stars, a pop-rock band. With this band name, Adam is conveying the message to listeners to always follow their dreams and take joy in whatever they achieve in life.…


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