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Get Ready For Some New Healing Music

Two new singles, "Pieces" and "Wheel in the Middle," to be released soon

Beverly Hills, California – March 22nd, 2021 – Music that is sung from emotions and inspired by great life experiences stands out like none other. American singer and novelist Lady Saundra is an accomplished musician who uses her profession to spread positivity, grace, and comfort.

Focused on the pop genre, her music is catchy, easy to sing along to, and mood…


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Introducing MEAN Mo, a Hip-Hop Prophet

Check Out MEAN Mo’s Releases for Spiritually-Tuned Hip-Hop Music

Washington, D.C. – March 21, 2021 – MEAN Mo is a hip-hop artist that brings a whole new meaning to the world of hip-hop music. The artist first got an itch to be a lyricist when he heard Wu-Tang Clan at a young age. Since then, he has created music that empowers listeners with spiritual insights while maintaining raw hip-hop integrity.

'Solar Instinct Vol. 2' is the…


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Inspiring Rap Combinations that Speak Magic: "Who I Am: A Self Love Project" Out Now

With rich and stunning musical compositions that span vary from striking Pop and Rap to R&B, Mr. Pope is set to be recognized as a seasoned musician and artist in the musical industry

Chicago, IL – March 19th , 2021 - An up-and-coming artist and musician, Mr. Pope is a true inspiration for those looking to hone their talents in Rap and inspirational R&B music, having created stunning masterpieces one after another. Mr. Pope's…


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Mia Grace Releases West Coast R&B MultiLayered Lush Anthem “Wait”

"Wait" Release Date: March 26th (Pre-Order available now)

Los Angeles, CA - March 17th, 2021 - Mia Grace is a recording artist with a focus on creating music that borrows from a wide variety of styles and influences. Her upcoming studio release, Wait is another example of her innate songwriting ability. Her songs defy genres and blur the lines between R&B, pop and take from a multitude of influences. Grace's sound feels modern and fresh…


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Meet Bright Brown: Compelling Songs On A Chapman Stick

Finding Reflection From A Bleak Year In Bright Brown's Newest Songs

Brooklyn, New York - Bright Brown is the songs of Alex Nahas, an avant singer/songwriter who plays the rarely seen Chapman Stick. The Unusual textures and broad sonic pallette of the instrument along with Nahas’s poetic baritone vocals inform his unique intimate yet cinematic style, drawing comparisons to David Bowie, Bon Iver, Neil Young, Pink…


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New Single From Rapper Sonny Daytons

Sonny Dayton Releases New Single “Stop Running Your Mouth” Available Now!

North Franklin, Connecticut - The music industry has been cited as one of the hardest industries to succeed in. It takes hard work, dedication, and the ability to stay strong in the face of rejection. Sonny Daytons is willing to do anything it takes to succeed in this unforgiving industry.

New York has come to be idolized by the world. Sonny Daytons wouldn’t…


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Introducing Sharper & Cruver Black Xperience Band

Check Out Sharper & Cruver Black Xperience Band for Super Danceable Tunes

Atlanta, Georgia – March 16, 2021 – Tony Sharper and Mike Cruver are songwriters, composers, vocalists, and musicians leveraging their years of experience in the music industry to bring listeners a refreshing taste of their music with their new band. Sharper & Cruver Black Xperience Band is one of the latest bands to…


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Go on a Spiritual Journey With Street Rapper Turned Christian Artist Lucky Luciano’s “Beloved”

The Mexican rapper releases his debut album ‘Exodus’ to Glorify God through artistic expression

Houston, Texas – March 01, 2021 – Upbeat rhythmic arrangements, exhilarating faith-based verses, funky melodies laced with positive messages and transformative tempo construct the incorporeal sound of Lucky Luciano’s latest album ‘Exodus’

The former secular rapper and songwriter Lucky Luciano has written…


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New Album From The Man Mountain

Breakup Album From Johnny Cash Tribute Artist Coming Soon!

Ghent, België, Belgium  - Heartbreak has led to some iconic music being produced. Whatever the genre or era, a good breakup song is always appreciated. Nobody knows the process of writing a breakup song better than The Man Mountain himself.

An independent artist, The Man Mountain is quite unique. The artist started off as a Johnny Cash tribute artist, performing in a band known…


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Introducing Award-Winning Artist Scott Rocco from Los Angeles, California

Stream his music right away!

Los Angeles, California — March 11, 2021 — Scott Rocco is a Los Angeles-based rock singer-songwriter. He makes music that reflects his heartfelt emotions to fuel the underdog spirit in listeners to help confront insecurity, fear, and trauma.

Inspired by legendary artists like Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Rzeznik, Rocco’s work blends both a profound emotion for humanity as well as a healing spirit that is…


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A Groundbreaking Mix of Heavy Metal and Soothing Classical With Alan King Project’s ‘King of Flames’

The Nebraskan musician narrates an exhilarating and dynamic fantasy storyline with his new album

Omaha, Nebraska – March 06, 2021 – Striking symphonies, hypnotic violin, with a mesmerizing contrast of metal and hard bass, all tied together into a world of mystery, evil, love, and hate with Alan King Project’s latest album ‘King of Flames’

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, producer, and Goth/Rock…


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StripnRoll Fuses Pop Music with Rock Compositions

A formidable force to look out for, the Stripnroll group of musicians and instrumentalists are bound to become the next big sensation as they produce and present stunning and memorable Rock music compositions to inspire and enthrall

London, United Kingdom – February 28th, 2021 - Up-and-coming musicians and singers, Stripnroll are on the right path towards success and fame, as they continue to conjure the most dynamic and beautiful…


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Enigmatic Pop-Rock Brilliance With Peter Lake’s “Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)”

The anonymous vocalist creates an engaging movement through music to raise awareness for frontline workers

New York – March 09, 2021 – Catchy enigmatic beats, proactive lyrics, striking bass, and refined progressions; Peter Lake creates a masterpiece with a purpose with his new single “Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)”

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Pop/Rock artist Peter…


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Transcendent Soul and Soaring Harmonies of R&B With GregR&B’s ‘Love Again’

The Georgia artist takes you on a journey full of everlasting love and compassion with his new album

Atlanta, Georgia – February 24, 2021 – Breathtaking instrumentals, with seductive and emotionally-rich verses, skillful compositions, and endlessly playable melodies create the sound of GregR&B’s latest album ‘Love Again’

Singer-Songwriter, Rapper, and producer GregR&B wrote and produced…


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Harmonically-Rich Gospel and Christian Rock With Teen Musician Ellie Rogers’s ‘Tightrope’

The South Carolina vocalist creates a spiritual and enlightening experience with her new album

Fountain Inn, South Carolina – March 8, 2021 – With God by your side, you can conquer the biggest trials and tribulations through hope and faith. That is the message Ellie Rogers wanted to convey with her new album ‘Tightrope’

With introspective verses, symphonic beats, and transcendent…


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New Album From Hip Hop Artist Toku Iyay

Toku Iyay Releases New Album ‘Hip Hop’s Passive Aggressor’ With More Coming Soon!

Richmond, Virginia - Not many artists can boast a two-decade-long career. Even lesser can showoff their evolution and growth without seeming boastful. Toku Iyay has managed to achieve both.

The evolution of an artist is always magical to watch. With most artists, it takes a concentrated effort to truly understand the journey they have taken the listener…


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Jah Scribe Introduces Latest Single, “Flamez”

Listen to Jah Scribe’s Newest Release for Fresh World Music

Brooklyn, New York – Positive feelings induce positive vibes and that is what Jah Scribe brings to listeners through his music. By combating an array of issues that people deal with today, the artist encourages listeners to face the tribulations of life. He has garnered a dedicated fanbase that appreciates his world music, a far cry from mainstream music talking more fiction than…


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Alt-Rock Band Orquesta 24 Cuadros Stuns With Their New Album!

Sway to their latest album's unique sounds, "El Desvelo," and listen to the sensational blend of instruments and genres.

Mexico City, Mexico — Music has a beautiful way of assisting expression. Orquesta 24 Cuadros, a band from Mexico, has made a splendid mark in the industry with "El Desvelo," an exciting new album.

"El Desvelo" is a blend of different musical styles and cultural influences. This album combines unique sounds to…


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New Single From Rio Narley

Stay Streaming The New Single “Inquiring Jorge” Today!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Music can change the world in more ways than one. Not only can it touch souls and hearts, but it can inject a sense of positivity and warmth that no other art form truly manages. An artist that is using his music to spread love is Rio Narley.

Rio Narley, also known as Shaquille D Mitchell, has been using his art to spread his message of positivity and…


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Mesmerizing Verses and Rapid Beats With Emerging Rap Trio, 356

The Michigan stars are ready to pave their path in the hip-hop industry with their unique Detroit sound

Detroit, Michigan – March 05, 2021 – Dynamic synthesized beats, progressive verses, and contemporary compositions; the rap trio 356 creates a new school sound that leaves you wanting more.

Comprised of Yung Tank, Rese, and Rondo, the group has written and…


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