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Kappa Carter Releases New Album - 'Most Improved'

New Album By Kappa Carter - 'Most Improved' Now Available On Major Streaming Platforms!

Prattville, Alabama - Kappa Carter, a hip-hop artist released his new album, 'Most Improved', on October 30, 2020. He keeps his songs real as well as positive to display his endless hope for the world and the people. Having himself struggled with addiction, he takes this negative aspect of his life to inspire others and show them the light.

In his…


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Lou Jefe is the World’s Next Best Hip-Hop and Rap Rising Sensation

With an iconic grasp over the genres of Rap and Trap Music, Lou Jefe is the ultimate newcomer set to redefine the very bounds of music with a horde of stunning musical compositions and projects lined to be presented

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - An up-and-coming artist who is set to change the course of Rap and Hip Hop with welcome musical re-definition, Lou Jefe is the best kept secret of Milwaukee. The talented and phenomenal musician and producer…


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Fray-Check Is All Set to Ignite Authentic Alternative and Pop Vibes

Already armed with multiple releases and singles that have shot this artist to fame and success, Fray-Chek continues to inspire and surprise with his stunning and rich musical compositions that promise to fuse the best of diverse genres

Seattle, Washington – January 6th, 2021- Fray-Chek is an up-and-coming fresh new singer-songwriter who is all ready to become the next force to be reckoned with in the world of Alternative and Pop music.…


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Revisit Authentic Americana Music With Frank Trousdell

Frank Trousdell is a true force to be reckoned with as he weaves magic through his iconic lyricism and musical undertones while reinvigorating the characteristic genre of Americana Music and presenting stunning, rich compositions

Port Stanley, Ontario – January 30th, 2021- Frank Trousdell is one of the few singers and songwriters today who with their aim of enriching and building on Americana music continue to grow and inspire. With his…


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Striking Fresh Trends for Dance Pop: Presenting to the World Hip Culture

With his stunning tracks that encompass the true spirit of authentic pop music and beats that are bound to get anyone grooving and shaking themselves to the rhythm of Pop and Dance music, Hip Culture is here to impress

Whitchurch -Stouffville, Ontario – January 5th, 2021- Up-and-coming  composer and songwriter Hip Culture is bound to send waves throughout the industry of Pop and Dance with their stunning and fresh new tracks. Self-styled as…


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New Album From Loc Da Realist

Loc Da Realist All Set To Release “LOCSTA KING” On December 31!

Duluth, Minnesota - December 31, 2020 - Hip Hop and rap are genres of music that have been fundamental outlets for the urban culture. These genres are the demonstrations of lifestyles and experiences too big to be expressed in any other manner. Loc Da Realist takes a unique spin on hip hop and rap with his new album "LOCSTA KING".

As a Rose City, Texas born and raised hip…


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Houston’s Stunning New Ambient Artist: Raye Simmons Releases New Single “Progress”

Raye Simmons, with his fresh new track is bound to not only break into the booming and hip industry of Electronic and Alternative Music but solidify his place within the musical scene with his musical prowess and strength

Houston, Texas - January 3rd, 2021- With his new single titled “Progress”, released on December 16th, 2020, fresh new artist Raye Simmons is set to headline all major streaming services. Self-produced and mixed at his home…


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Mr. Bailey Baby Releases New Album, ‘Pure Song’s’

Listen to Mr. Bailey Baby’s Latest Hip-Hop and Rap Release

Columbus, Ohio – Never go basic. That is the motto that Mr. Bailey Baby or MBB, a hip-hop artist, has come to learn after his experience in the music industry. Mr. Bailey Baby started his musical progression with just a PlayStation music generator, moving forward to creating earworm beats for other local artists and himself. Today, MBB is a hip-hop and rap artist that combines catch…


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Samadhi: The Finest Sensation of Synth, Electronic and Soul

Curating magic and soulful sensations with every beat, Samadhi is a roaring and widely acclaimed new force who is set to take the world of Electronic Music and Soul by surprise with stunning combinations and musical productions

Miami, FLA – January 6th, 2021 - Samadhi is not only the name of a musician and producer but perhaps a movement setting to appreciate, admire and share the beauty that is the world. Acknowledging the sheer magnificence…


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Eric ‘OxNxExZ’ Heard Releases New Song

Hooded Mask Man Artist, OxNxExZ, Releases ‘Since Then’

Joliet, Illinois - January 3, 2020 - Music is an expression. It serves as a tool for many to express what mere words never could. For others, music is a way to make something for themselves with their expression. Eric ‘OxNxExZ’ Heard is someone who has used his passion for music to make a better life for himself and his family.

Life comes with many struggles, and Eric Heard had…


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New Album From Pablo Embon

New Jazz Album ‘In Your Skin’ Releasing February 27!

Mishmar HaNegev, Southern Israel, Israel - January 28, 2020 - Music has the ability to transport a person to new planes of existence. It is also the best way to sit back and relax. The blues, funk, and jazz are among the most popular genres of music in the industry, and Pablo Embon is coming to enthrall the masses with a new album.

The Israel based artist is no newcomer. With over 20…


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BluRoyalty Releases His Latest Single Insomnia

Listen to the upbeat song here!

Pittsburgh PA - BluRoyalty is a hip hop, RnB, and pop world artist. He started his music journey only this year and already has thousands of listeners and over ten thousand followers on Spotify. His latest single called Insomnia was released only in October and is already streaming internationally.

Born on the streets…


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New Single From Modest Thomas

Relatable Record ‘Breathe’ Released On December 2!

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada - Most artists struggle with making it big in the music industry. With the competition and rigorous standards for music, the struggle is real. While many rappers will talk about the struggles they face in a broader social context, you’ll find few who open up about the everyday struggles. This is where Modest Thomas fills the gaps.

Tom Sigurdson, better known as…


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Lil Birdie’s Music Setting A New Mark

Latest Album By Lil Birdie Available To Stream Now!

Macomb Michigan - Rap songs with clean lyrics and deeply cut out music is nowhere to be found in this generation of loud and rough music. Breaking the convention, here is a young American artist Lil Birdie who has developed his unique style of rap music. He has created his style based on his own beliefs about the rap genre and the way of musical generation.

His musical style has a…


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New Alternative Multi-Genre Music, Played on Leading Internet Radio Stations and Signed with Blessup Records of SA

Toronto, Canada — Intrepid guitarist, singer and songwriter JJ is mixing and mashing genres like a mad scientist to concoct his own blend of musical intoxication which threatens to shake tradition to its core. Armed with a seemingly endless satchel of guitar solos and soaring Synth leads and rhythms JJ has a knack for combining searing riffs with funky, grooving beats, this is the refreshing burst of experimental rock the scene has been thirsting for.All…


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Lo-Key Music Group Unveils Money Zoe's New Album, 'Black King'

Listen to Money Zoe's Newly Released Hip-Hop And Rap Music

Atlanta, Georgia – Money Zoe is a New Jersey-based rapper who is most fluent in is the language of music. His passion for music runs deep, with his first songwriting experience going back to his teenage years. He has had to power through dire circumstances by giving it his all, and that is the mentality with which he creates his music. Money Zoe uses the sounds of hip-hop, R&B,…


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Tutu D Releases New Album

New Album From Tutu D Available To Stream Now!

Houston, Texas - Unity, peace, and healing are hard to come by in times like ours. However, there are always people promoting and doing their best to achieve what they believe in. Tutu D is one such musician, composer, and singer/songwriter who has been promoting the message of unity, healing, and world peace.

Tutu D or Thotho Ditshwane has been promoting his message for a long time…


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Lil Booku Releases New Single, “Brand New Pop Culture Star”

Listen To Lil Booku’s Newest Release Exclusively On SoundCloud

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Lil Booku is a hip-hop rapper artist. He has gradually risen through the ranks as he continues to pursue his musical passion for gaining global recognition as a rapper. Lil Booku reinvents the hip-hop genre by using…


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THE SUNS Release Their Debut Album, ‘Big Break’

Listen to THE SUNS Latest Release of Powerful Grunge-Pop Songs

Brooklyn, New York – THE SUNS are a grunge pop band with songs heavily modeled after rock and roll acts of the 1960's and the alternative rock influences of the 1990s. Started by singer-songwriter and guitarist Joe Brennan, "THE SUNS" moniker stems from the passing of Brennan's father, as a play on words for a "son" of a father as well as "suns" as a beacon of light. The band…


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Calgary’s Next Best Hip Hop - R&B Sensation: Introducing to the World Tre Digga

Tre Digga’s iconic and soulful compositions are bound to make anyone feel the strength of vocals and depth of Rap and R&B music as he spins stories through stunning, blazing Hip- Hop tracks set to solidify his place

Calgary, Alberta, Canada- December 28th, 2020- Someone who’s music continues to produce the best Hip-Hop & R&B tunes and vibes, Tre Digga is an up-and-coming sensation to keep track of. Fans…


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