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Stanley Ray Jr. Releases New Song "All Power In His Hand"

Norfolk, Virginia - November 8th, 2020 - With Jesus watching over you, you feel empowered to do everything. Stanley Ray Jr. has done what he does best. As a Gospel recording artist from Virginia, he has been creating music that inspires and gives hope in this tumultuous world. With his undying spirit and passion for Gospel and R&B, he’s taken his remarkable two-decade-long experience and turned it into melodious yet modern pieces.



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Kevin Strasser Releases Epic Concept Album

New Album Will Keep Listeners On The Edge Of Their Seats

Crofton, Maryland - November 6, 2020 - Rock artist Kevin Strasser has put his talent and creativity to work in making a concept album about the journey of three misfits. "Summer's End for the Runaways" blends heavy and progressive sounds to create a musical masterpiece for listeners. Rock music fans should add this to their playlist to begin their journey today.

"Summer's End for the Runaways"…


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Professor Offers An Education In Hip Hop

Haymarket, VA - Taking his talent and making a dream come true, artist Professor is ready to school other artists on how hip hop should be done. His newest album, "Melodic Trap," is a mix of different genres that will have fans talking. The album is something fresh and new and should be on the next addition to any playlist.

"Melodic Trap" has a fun combination of trap music and hip hop beats. The dynamic rhythms will have music lovers dancing and…


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Sophia Gonzon Displays Amazing Power In Latest Release

Newest Song Is An Anthem To Personal Triumph

Boca Raton, Florida - November 18, 2020 - Artist Sophia Gonzon is encouraging listeners to find their self worth with the release of her latest song. "XYZ" is an anthem dedicated to one's self-worth as well as sending a message to not remain in bad relationships. "XYZ" will be the hottest pop track on the charts.

"XYZ" begins with Sophia's strong and emotional voice saying goodbye…


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Tealand Smith Offers A Christmas Message To Listeners

The Holidays Will Sound Brighter With This Tune

Atlanta, Georgia - November 18, 2020 - Pop artist Tealand Smith is ushering in the holidays early with the release of his latest song. "Christmas In America" is a gentle melody with a hopeful message. It should be added to any listeners' holiday playlist.

"Christmas In America" has a smooth, pop melody with R&B twists that will make listeners think of Mariah…


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Poet Dadisi Offers Good Time Party Music

Latest Album Is Nothing But Good Vibes

 Houston, TX - September 28, 2020 - Dance music artist Poet Dadisi is ready to get listeners moving with his newest album. "My Cheating Days Are Through" contains the party anthems to celebrate the end of summer.

"My Cheating Days Are Through" contains 12 original party songs that will have fans dancing the night away. The upbeat melodies are highlighted by the catchy…


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Jason "Panman" Roseman Brings A Spiritual Question To His Music

New Song Is An Emotional Story

Pawtucket, Rhode Island - November 18, 2020 - Steel Drummer, singer/songwriter Jason "Panman" Roseman is bringing a new slant to his music with his newest song. “The Question” is a stark story of poverty and loss in today’s world. The song is not to be missed for its poignant message.

“The Question” has gentle instrumentals that highlight the emotional lyrics of the song. The…


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The Blue Angels City Experience Offer Healing To Listeners

Latest Songs Are About Overcoming Personal Demons

Navarre, Fla - November 18, 2020The Blue Angels City Experience, the music project of Samuel Goodwin, is hoping to help others during personal crises with songs containing a powerful message. The tracks contain strength and hope within each message. They strongly reflect the goals of the band to advocate for mental health.

Samuel, who goes by artist name,…


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Prince Franchise Sets His Sight on “Fame” With Latest Single 

New Hip Hop Single Available Now 


Brooklyn, New York - November 3, 2020 - Independent artists have been able to gain ground like never before thanks to the reach of the internet, and Prince Franchise is currently leading the pack with his latest single, “Fame.” 

In a mere three weeks out, Prince…


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Cujo Proclaims “No More” With Latest Release

New Hip Hop Single Available Now 


San Antonio, Texas - November 3, 2020 - While some have been taking a break in 2020, Cujo has been doing quite the opposite. He dropped an album and a few singles, including his latest addicting release, “No More.” 

“No More” is the latest release from Cujo,…


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Interstellar Noise Offers A Music Experience Beyond The Galaxy

Upcoming Album Is An Electronic Masterpiece

Asheville, NC - November 3, 2020 - Electronic artist Robert McCulley Campbell's project Interstellar Noise is getting ready to help fans escape reality with the release of his upcoming album. "Worlds Just Beyond Reach" is promising listeners a journey through space and time with his entrancing sound. Fans of electronic music will need to make their calendars for this release.



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The Couchmen Offer Good Music And Comedy To Fans

New Music Has Something For Everyone

Ontario, Canada - November 2, 2020 - Canadian country duo The Couchmen are bringing their humor and talent to other parts of the world with their latest release. “Songs From The Couch 2020” combines different styles of music to tell fun and mature stories to their audiences. Instead of performing live on stage, they are making the couch their auditorium.

“Songs From The Couch 2020” is the…


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Paul Robert Mashler Excites Audiences With Original Piano Compositions

Pianist Offers Modern And Traditional Interpretations

Seattle, WA - November 2, 2020 - For fans of classical music, Paul Robert Mashler offers a unique blend of the classics with modern interpretations on the piano and orchestral sounds. Songs such as "Elegy For A Romance" and "Glimmer 2.0" will transport listeners on a magical, emotional musical journey. Piano music lovers will agree it is like nothing they've heard…


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Disabled Songwriter Produces Song About Body Positivity

Salt Lake City, Utah — Russell Greer, a budding songwriter with a facial disability, has produced a new song entitled, “Yo, Yovanna!” While the namesake of the song is about model Yovanna Ventura, the song is much more than the stereotypical song about a guy singing about his crush.

“The song focuses on the positive attributes of a person and encourages the said person to continue being who they are,” Greer explains. Having a…


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Songwriter Rudolph Opens Up With Two Album Releases

New Albums Offer Solace And Hope

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina - October 30, 2020 - Singer and songwriter Rudolph has gifted fans with the release of two albums. "Fire and Wine" and "Broken Dreams" are stories of the artist's hopes, dreams, pain, and struggles. These are songs listeners will connect with on every level.

"Fire and Wine" and "Broken Dreams" introduce the amazing guitar playing skills and vocals of Rudolph. His…


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Kathy Mahon Offers Country Inspiration From Ireland

Lastest Song Is An Emotional Ballad

Galway, Ireland - October 30, 2020 - With a gentle voice and strong heart, Kathy Mahon is bringing her unique style of country music to other shores. "Wind Beneath My Wings" is meant to soothe the anxious soul with its soft melody.

"Wind Beneath My Wings" is inspired by the struggles people are going through because of the pandemic. Kathy states, "we are nearly in lockdown again here for 6…


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Tonikk4100 Brings Hot New Sounds From The Vegas Strip

Upcoming Rapper Is The Name To Know

Las Vegas, Nevada - October 30, 2020 - From the bright lights of Las Vegas, hip hop artist Tonikk4100 is hyping up his audience with a great new single. "On 10" is a partying song with on the edge lyrics. Hip hop lovers better buckle their seatbelts and get ready for the ride.

"On 10" is the major major release for the artist. The song is heavy on the bass beats that will have the speakers…


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Linda Washington Brings The Soul Of Survivor To Music And Literature

Artist Tells Story of Cancer Battle

Springfield, MA - October 30, 2020- Linda Washington is a heroine; a singer, songwriter, author, and breast cancer survivor. She has detailed her fight in her latest "Missing You" with Linda featuring superstar Lamar is a song that details a personal and emotional journey for the artist. It will change the lives of those who listen to Linda's music.

"Missing You" contains both sadness and…


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Rapper Sandwichez Releases Fresh Rap Sound

Latest Release Will Have Fans Hitting Repeat

Bronx, New York - October 28, 2020 - From the Bronx, hot new artist Sandwichez is making his name heard across the music industry with his unique rap sound. His latest release "Impressive" is already wowing listeners who hear the song.

"Impressive" has a slow, trance-like beat that makes Sandwichez's song different from the rest. The lyrics of the song create an impact as they speak about…


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Marc Olivas Presents GameChangers ENT For Upcoming Artists

New Record Label And Artist Produces Hot Music

Bakersfield, CA - October 27, 2020 - Rap artist Marc Olivas is busy with making great music and getting his record label off the ground. With his single "Private Dance" and the rise of GameChangers ENT, Marc Olivas will be a household name,.

"Private Dance" is a unique style of rap combining traditional sounds with a twist of R&B. The energy of the track is off the charts and…


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