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ArtistPR's Blog – December 2020 Archive (95)

International Artist All Set to Release New Single

Chart-topping Artist Wendy Halo Releases New Single

Malaga, Spain, Spain – Wendy Halo is one of the biggest names in Marbella, Spain. She makes music that reaches people's souls and makes them feel alive. Her music usually focuses on things that make adult life fun.

She breaks boundaries with her music and does not fit into a mold. Her new single is on similar lines too. She is collaborating with Platinum Producers Gary Noble and…


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Ron Washington Debuts With His New Single, "Thing For You"

Check Out the Latest Release by Funk Specialist Ron Washington

New York, New York  – Ronald Washington has been an electric bass player ever since he can remember. He has played electric bass for several R&B music acts, one of them being The Persuades Road Band and another being the famed R&B group, The Manhattans. After having played for legendary artists, Ron went the solo route to make his mark in the music industry as well. The…


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Rapper Lee Adrian Tells Fans To 'Mark My Words' In Latest Album Release

Atlanta, Georgia — Monday, December 21st, 2020 — Come ride the new wave that Lee Adrian brings with his latest album, "Mark My Words". He is known as the gift that keeps on giving with his message and musical ability. From Houston to Atlanta, Lee Adrian is raw and uncut with the bars yet smooth in his demeanor. His recent album shows this as it varies from a melodic, lyrical approach to a catchy, upbeat vibe.

If you prefer lyrical rappers, but also…


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Rising Artist Kacey Who Reignites the Rhythms of Summer

Kacey Who creates music that enlivens and relishes the aura, making every listener escape to cheerful and rhythmic times of a lost summer.

Bristol, United Kingdom- December 20th, 2020- A vibrant and emerging name in the D&B and Rap genres, Kacey Who is a stunning and splendid singer and songwriter. Bringing to life the spirit of urbane, rocking music, Kacey Who marked his awe-inspiring breakthrough with the debut single “Candy…


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House of Weirdos Introduces Several Interesting Music Projects

House of Weirdos Unveils All the Surprises They Have in Store for Listeners

The Bronx, New York – House of Weirdos is a classic rock ‘n’ roll band delivering rough rock music with a modern touch. The band is the brainchild of a group of childhood friends who share their common love for old fashioned rock. The band includes Tom Pressano as the lead vocalist and bass player, Apollo Cannito on guitar and vocals, Dan Gamma on drums, and Bobby…


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"The Wolf" is out, Bob Stump's New Single

 Stump's Latest Release Is A Timely And Timeless Musical Piece

Poughquag, New York – Bob Stump is a musician whose musical roots trace back to his time with his grandpa, who was a vaudeville performer. It was then that he was first introduced to country music back in the 60s. The moment that triggered his music career was when he heard the historic album "Will the Circle be Unbroken" produced by John…


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91 Sauce Brings Hot Hip Hop Beats From Florida

Artist Is Ready To Wow The World

Pensacola, FL - December 18, 2020 - Rising hip hop star 91 Sauce is ready to take the world by storm with his unique music. His latest single "Trouble" is ready to change the way people see hip hop. 91 Sauce has taken old school hip hop sounds and remastered them into something fresh.

"Trouble" combines multiple sounds, including R&B, rap, and pop. His ability as a singer and songwriter is…


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A Rock Musical That Will Get Your Heart Pumping by Ocean of Tears

New single from rock musical to get your feet stomping with energy

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – This new rock track titled "Bullet in A Gun" is released on CD Baby and is ready to set off a chain of emotions in its listeners. This track was written by artist Steve W. Boily and is very close to his heart due to personal reasons.

It is part of a rock musical written by him titled "Drowned in a Sea of Tears." This first track explains the…


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Breathing Sensuality and Spice into EDM Music: Magik’A All Set to Unleash Its Power

The blazing, sexy new single from up-and-coming artist Magik’A is all you need to turn up the heat and get yourself moving and grooving to catchy, Prince-inspired beats

Carmel, CA - December 16th, 2020- A rich powerhouse of stunning and sensual EDM music, Magik’A offers the best that today’s fast-paced, modern pop scene needs: a hot and anticipated singing and songwriting talent. Combining elements that can be described as both sensual,…


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Frank Deno Introduces His Latest LP, ‘Pisces Vision’

Watch Out for Frank Deno’s Latest Hip-Hop Album Coming Soon

New Orleans, Louisiana – For Frank Deno, creating music is about composing a well-balanced mix of instrumental and lyrical flow. Frank is a hip-hop and rap artist. He endlessly strives to put out energetic music with reflective lyrics that resonate with listeners on an emotional level.

Frank has announced the release of his highly anticipated album ‘Pisces Vision’ which is his…


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Presenting the New Single by Victor Janflone, "Color of Love"

Brand New Single "Color of Love" Released by Victor Janflone

Pittsburgh, Pa, United States – This new song by Victor Janflone is called "Color of Love." He made this song to express his own experiences in a journey through love , somewhat tongue and cheek. He hopes to invoke feelings of joy in the people who listen to his song.

The song was written, produced, and composed by Victor Janflone. He is also the lead vocalist for the…


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Eric High’s Heartfelt Music Shines at the End of the Tunnel

Eric High’s rich and warm musical compositions are a mix of heart-rending, wistful vibes and music that is bound to be uplifting and warming for anyone who listens to it

Douglasville, GA  - December 18th, 2020- With his upcoming composition titled “The Longest Year”, Eric High portrays the emotions that have been felt collectively by everyone through a long and tough year and produces music that everyone can relate to and be encouraged by.…


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From Sweden With Love and a ”Dry Martini” for Old Times' Sake!

Janusmusic has returned to the music industry to bring back the charm of music from years gone by.

Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden - Janus has flown around the world in a plane and was once a popstar in Japan. Then he got lost in the academic world, with drawers filled with music unheard. Now Janus is back and a magic song, invited him to come along. ”Dry Martini” in time will be ever so green, descended to earth from places unseen.

This is…


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The Defective Monk Ignites the Flame of Aggressive Metal and Indie Techno with His Brand-New Single

Defective Monk’s blazing Electronic Metal Rock single is fused with energy and fiery emotions

Schiller Park, Illinois - December 18th, 2020 - A fiery and enigmatic powerhouse of aggressive metal and electronic music, Defective Monk is a force to be reckoned with, set to target and take over the musical industry. With his power-packed rich electronic combinations and fusions of Indie Metal and Rock, Defective Monk is set to establish himself…


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Jimmy Francis Infuses Humor in Iconic Holiday Jazz

Jimmy Francis blends and mixes the genres of Jazz and Alternative Pop, making music that is bound to make anyone listening enjoy and revel in its power and frenzy

Temecula, California - December 11th, 2020- A passionate musician and singer, Jimmy Francis has long been experimenting with his musical prowess and talented combinations. Beginning his journey in life as a stand-up comedian, he thought to try combining his two ultimate passions:…


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Award-Winning Country Duo Back with Christmas Track

Check Out This New Christmas Track, "Simple Down Home Christmas"

Irvine, California, United States – Husband and wife country duo Jed and Claire Seneca are back to brighten up everyone’s holiday season with their new single “Simple Down Home Christmas.” With soulful vocals and insightful lyrics, the song brings back the traditional and warm memories everyone felt back home when they were younger.

For years, Jed and Claire have been a…


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Up and Coming Artist, Wavis Mesmerizes Audiences With His Passionate Music

Groove to the gentle sounds of Wavis’ latest singles as they each bring a unique vibe of their own. Watch this rising artist shine globally with his emotion-rich and melodic works.

Ann Arbor, Michigan — December 8, 2020 —Music that comes from a place of passion takes a special place in a listener’s heart. Wavis is a rising singer and songwriter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has made a spectacular entry into the music industry by creating music…


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Sargent Tucker - Christmas Unites Us

Las Vegas, NV — Thursday, December 17th, 2020 — Sargent Tucker (ST) Re-releases for the holidays a single and video titled “Christmas Unites the World.” ST's motivation behind writing this composition is deeply rooted in spirituality. ST states “As an adult, he has a sincere desire to create music with a purpose, music that brings people together, enriching folks to project something positive into the universe. The essence of ST’s “Christmas Unites the…


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Victor Maxwell Releases New Christmas Single, "Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me"

You need to check out this promising new single by Victor Leon Maxwell.

Montreal, Quebec Canada – December 15, 2020 – With Christmas around the corner, it is with great joy that pop artist Victor Maxwell announces his new Christmas song, “Dear Santa, Please Be Good to Me.” He was recognized as a pop artist for years, but this new release delves deeper into the classic Christmas.

The idea behind this song is to create a joyous and…


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Feel the Christmas Spirit with a Brand New Christmas Song

Christmas Is Around the Corner So Feel the Spirit with This New Single

Sapphire, North Carolina – In tough times like these, it is not easy to cope with everything going around you. Buddy Mix's new single, "Think About Santa Claus" will help listeners take their mind off their troubles, remember happy times, inspire hope, release doubt, move toward the light.  The catchy whistling will leave you with an earworm that is sure to keep you in the…


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