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ArtistPR's Blog – January 2021 Archive (43)

DMORR Unveils the Release of His New Album, ‘The Black Experience Vol I’

Look Out for DMORR’s Album for Jazz and R&B Tunes

Cleveland, Ohio – January 31, 2021 – Duane Morris or DMORR grew up with a family that lived and breathed jazz. Ever since watching his father play as a jazz percussionist, Duane developed a desire to play and write jazz and funky music. As of now, the artist has written 500 songs that range in all music styles.

‘The Black Experience Vol I’ album is DMORR’s upcoming album releasing…


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Anjalts delivers on New video for “Air to “Fire”

New York, NY — Friday, January 29th, 2021 — As the New year opens up to encompass hope and moving pass a tumultuous quarantined 2020.  The powerful lyrics of one indie artist song continues to parallel the abnormal times we are experiencing.

Anjalts song “Air to Fire” has launched a new video with effused imagery and lyrics inter-fading with hillside wildfires, wind and burning trees as its backdrop.  In her Instagram post when the video premiered on…


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Music to Nurse One's Heart and Soul: Kuda-Kwashé Weaves Ethereal Experiences

With his soulful Hip Hop and R&B music, Kuda-Kwashé creates a complete ethereal experience for anyone looking to enjoy slick and classy musical beats while internalizing a deep and resonant message

Surrey, United Kingdom – January 28th, 2021- Creating strong and soulful musical tunes and compositions, Kuda-Kwashé is set to soar and become the next big R&B sensation as he sets his sights on charts and success with the release of his…


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Rising Hip Hop and R&B Powerhouse: Presenting to the World Dicee

With rich and uniquely striking musical compositions, Dicee is producing stunning musical compositions which enlighten, inspire, and provide soulful musical beats to groove along to

Brooklyn, NY – January 27th, 2021 - Upcoming sensation Dicee only recently dropped his independently created and produced mixtape titled “genocide” in November 2020- a record which has already amassed more than 50,000 views and was created by an independent…


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The Finest Pop Sensation of Tomorrow: Presenting to the World Levi Perry

Melding Pop and Hip Upbeat Music to produce a chorus that remains imprinted in your mind, Levi Perry is a stunning new addition to the world of pop who is set to break records and become a smashing sensation

Surrey, United Kingdom – January 27th, 2021 - Rising Pop sensation Levi Perry is set to become a household favorite with her stunning singles and co-mixed tracks set to boom and blast as part of her upcoming album titled “Warrior”. A…


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K. Dulce Leaves R&B and Hip Hop Melded to Perfection

K. Dulce produces rich and varied musical compositions which perfectly encapsulate the richness and brilliance of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop Music

Atlanta, GA  –  January 13th, 2021 - Up-and-coming artist, singer and songwriter K. Dulce is all set to become a sensation of Hip Pop and R&B music as she releases her new single and video titled “LET GO”. Directed by Tony Reams of MemoryWedge Atlanta and represented by Agency Rose Talent (A.R.T…


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Borne Out Of The Past But A Guide To The Future: Dijoseph’s GIVE Sends a Message of Love

Filmmaker, Neurodiversity Advocate, Multi-Instrumentalist, and a Pop Singer, Stephen Dijoseph is ready to give all his love away

New Hope, PA – January 26th, 2021 – Stephen DiJoseph’s new single “GIVE” is a pulsating pop anthem with a strong underlying theme of giving all your love away, symbolizing everything that the artist himself stands for such as neurodiversity, awareness, and creativity.

The first song “GIVE” from Stephen’s…


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Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Elise Morris is Topping the Charts

From The Haunting Wail On The Opening Credits For The Hit Tv Show ‘Cold Case’ To The Enya-Esque Harmonies On Her Recordings, You Know You Are Listening To A Very Special Artist

New York, NY -  January 25, 2021 -  2020 was proven to be a year of true forward motion for Elise’s bright career, following up a great year in 2019, including a tour in Great Britain, and worldwide chart action with her song “Mardi…


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New Single From The Gore Boyz

The Gore Boyz Distributes COVID-19 Survival Kits And Releases 'Spend A Bag'

Gastonia, North Carolina - January 24, 2021 - The new generation is already gearing up to replace today's popstars. The new talent is redefining the music industry like never before. Part of the new generation is the group, The Gore Boyz.

Being unique in the music industry is difficult, but The Gore Boyz have managed. The trio, consisting of Edwin, Herman, and…


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New Song Says Good Riddance to 2020

Catlea’s “2020 In My Rearview” Calls for Unity & Love

CINCINNATI, OHIO — January 25th, 2021 — Forever associated with COVID-19, partisan politics, racial inequality, and economic ruin, 2020 was one of the worst years in recent history. People the world over couldn’t wait to kick 2020 to the curb. Singer-songwriter, Catlea, captures this sentiment with her powerful new single,…


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KC Johns Blends Finest Rock with Country Music

With her stunning tracks that meld and marry the stunning genres of rock and country music, KC Johns is set to become a rising star and sensation as she produces music that highlights her strengths as singer and songwriter

Nashville, TN – January 12th, 2021- KC Johns is set to make waves by releasing her new cover titled “Black Dog” a rendition of her favourite band, the evergreen Led Zeppelin. KC’s cover song will be part of her album which…


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Demolition Amore: The New Name of Ultimate Hard Rock and Alternative Music

Presenting the best of the rich and varied genres of Hard Rock and Alternative music, Demolition Amore are the true force to be reckoned with, as they gear up their musical expertise crafting moving and stunning musical compositions

Orlando, Florida – January 24th, 2021- Rising stars of the striking and popular genres of Alternative and hyped up Hard Rock music, the stunning Demolition Amore are a pack of wolves who know what…


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Chrissie Romano Band is All About Authentic Americana Music Fused with Sensational Pop

The iconic and talented group – Chrissie Romano Band is driven to produce heartfelt music, displaying a range of talents expressed through real instruments and showcasing the best of Americana and Pop Music songwriting.

Rochester, NY – January 20th, 2021 – Chrissie Romano and her band members have been soaring to new heights ever since the release of their fresh new Americana album titled “Somewhere along the way” on December…


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Ronin has Released Self-Titled, Debut Album to Spur the Rock Revolution

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK - Ronin has arrived! There's a new band who's bringing back the timeless tradition of rock for the sake of rock. This is the album you've all been waiting for, whether you knew it or not.

Ronin made great strides in 2019, playing shows all over Long Island and New York City. It was then that their nemesis appeared: Covid-19. The band battled back the villainous virus, but in the end the dastardly disease ensured the cancellation of their…


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Jason Rylan Brings Pop and Electric Buzz as a Ray of Hope

With his fresh and groovy new track that inspire and centre around the genres of Electronic Music and Pop, Jason Rylan is all set to become the next big newcomer from this much celebrated genre with new single “Powerless”

Las Vegas, Nevada– January 18th, 2021- With a stunning new single titled “Powerless”, Jason Rylan is cementing his position as a talented powerhouse who has worked and produced on an energetic new single during the desolate…


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TR-Gang Creates Rich Electronic Vibes to Move and Groove

DJ and Producer TR-Gang is Thailand’s best kept secret, soaring to success as he produces stunning musical compositions to get people falling and moving to hip and iconic Electronic music tracks

Bangkok, Thailand – January 17th, 2021- Up-and-coming sensation in the world of EDM and hip pop music is TR-Gang hailing from Bangkok, Thailand. A talented and stunning DJ and producer who is set to become the next big newcomer from the genre, TR-Gang…


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Scott Patton Is Reviving Rock, One Beat at a Time

With his fresh new single Scott Patton, the lead guitarist of Chasing Colors, is set to make rounds in the world of Rock with his riveting musical compositions and artistic prowess

Minneapolis, Minnesota – January 15th, 2021 - Scott Patton is an up-and-coming artist who is bound to become a favorite as his stunning track titled “I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye” headlines on all major streaming platforms. With his lead over guitar as part of the…


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Rich or Poor, Keith Dunn’s Music Features Universal Experiences

Westcounty’s Keith Dunn weaves music which is easy to listen to but heavy on impact

Windsor, UK – January 15th, 2021 – Keith Dunn produces supple and easy music, one which can easily weave in and out of your soul and leave you feeling a little different without demanding anything on your part at all. Keith is driven by a genuine desire to express life’s highs and lows so that people may find something they relate to, that make them feel part…


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Rebirth of Flute and Stunning Musical Composition: Presenting to the World Carlos Verde Jr.

Carlos Verse Jr. celebrates life and breathes a sense of peace and serenity into his musical compositions, making music that echoes the spirit of unity and complement tunes with soulful lyricism.

North Hills, CA  – January 15th, 2021 - Alternative Music and Ambient vibes are not the genres which have experienced much evolution and change over the changes. However, with the stunning artistic spirit that Carlos Verde Jr. plans to bring to the…


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Independent Artist Talksick Brings Fire and Passion to Hip Hop and Rap

A true MC, Talksick is delivering inspiration and leading by example to make the world a better place.

Modesto, California  - February 6th, 2021 - Hip hop and rap has taken on a new image in the music industry today. Rap music today is often associated with metaphors and deep meanings. Nobody knows this better than Talksick.

Rodney Jorgenson AKA Talksick has been making inspirational hip hop/rap music since the beginning of his career.…


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