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DJ Tee-KFOX Nightbeat Mix #1

Dj Tee is one of the Northwests most prolific djs. always ready with a hot mix to fit your needs. He comes through today with a DOPE old school mix. "This mix originally aired on Oct. 17th 2021 on , & mix cloud as part of The KFOX NIghtbeat legacy held down by Nasty Nes & Grandmixert GMS." another dope mix by one of the dopest to do it. enjoy.



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Dj Iceman Going BIG in 2022

Its not always you see a producer take on a ambitious project at the beginning of the year, but Dj Iceman is NOT your typical producer. The Wu-Tang Affiliated producer is doing something real big. he calls it the "Beat The Quarter Challenge" for the whole first quarter of 2022 (90 days) Ice will be releasing a new beat along with a 1 minute at video (for his social media) "I made all the beats, mixed and mastered them, did the artwork, and put together the art vids" "Ive done a 30 day…


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Dj Iceman-Slim Boss (Official Video)

Dj Iceman hits us with a surprise single/video out of nowhere. "I just decided to drop this out the blue. i cobbled the video together, so why not just make a whole release of it?" so that what he did. the put it up on Bandcamp And it will be on all streaming platforms on October 30th. Slim Boss is Boom Bap at its finest, which is Dj Iceman's signature style and it does not disappoint.

Check Out The Video…


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Dj Iceman-Master Of Beatz Vol 6

The Boom Bap Wu Affiliate is back with the 6th volume in his Master Of Beatz beat tape series. always one to come with that classic flava, Dj Iceman comes with more of the same here. this is a short beat tape at only 5 tracks, Ice captures the classic New York sound with crisp drums, snappy snares and deft scratches, this is a good pickup for the beat junkies.

Check Out The First Beat Here…


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The Father Of Hip-Hop Soul General D.V. Alias Khryst Is Here!!!!!

It’s been months in the making of th D.V. Alias KHRYST LP. But with two decades under his belt of commercial music production, scraping together hard hitting beats and identifying lyrics for the people is a no-brainer to this Brooklyn native, who heavily weighs in on the…


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Producer To Watch- Dj Iceman (@dj_iceman)

Over the last year Dj Iceman has been on a tear. after stepping back from djing after a 33 year run,he started making beats. since he started,he joined up with Northwest producer supergroup FFU (Filthy Fingers United) and have had song placements on 3 of their releases. he released his own beat tape and did over 70,000 on Datpiff, got signed to a small label out of Greece and released an EP,and has had over 200 up and coming rappers spit fire on one of his beats on the Rapchat app. so it…


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Urnotadj. How A Guy with No Dj Gear Is Turning The Dj Community Upside Down


Meet David Spells A.K.A Deej Eigh, A.K.A. Madhatta From Atlanta,Georgia. he is the leader/originator of the Urnotadj "Movement"  he prides himself on "saving the dj culture" and "preserving the turntable traditions" but he has no turntables,or controllers,or cdjs,or any dj gear really. so how is he accomplishing his mission? hes not. but let him tell…


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Lil Chief - Emotions

Straight from the street of Johannesburg, South Africa comes the Greatest of the BGF | Lil'Chief Thakay Drops the first single, Emotion

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Who Is RealSquad215???

RealSquad215 is one of the most Explosive Most Talented Music Groups you Ever Seen coming Out of The streets of NorthEast Philadelphia More known as the #PhiladelphiaTurnUpKings.This Music Group are all Blood Related Starting at the C.E.O VellcrowGoHard (24) Then Next His brothers T.Jizzle (25) & Young Levi (22). You never seen a group like this sense Hot…

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Who Is Junior Grave$??

Junior Grave$ is a 24 year old recording artist out of Oklahoma. He began his music career the same as most, out of fun freestyling in the lunch room with friends. Since 2012 Grave$ has been the front runner for the #OUTOURSPACE Movement. He spent 2013-2014 touring with Denver Roe Music in various cities across the south gaining a recognizable local buzz. Since then…


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Let's find out what makes this Michigan emcee tick....

1. Who are you and where are you from?

A. My name is Josh I go by Zipps Mcgee.

2. what got…


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Artist " Fe lie The God " Runs Up A Check

"Running up a check" is one of the hottest singles off of Virginia hip hop artist Fe_lie the god's latest project the god EP partnered behind yung lans monster production and the skillful wordplay of Fe_lie this song is one you'll definitely feel what's next for this promising emcee you may ask? reaching the masses! And going global with 2016 already being a mobster year the future looks very bright for one of Virginia's brightest young stars!…


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Who Is R.I.C.O.??

From the time he was young he always knew he had something to offer, something extra and as he got older he tapped into that creativity. This young aspiring artist always had a love for music, but it wasn’t until the end of High School that he really decided to put his all into creating and shaping his own sound. It was this…


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Who Is Songlist???

Born and raised in the South Bronx, Songlist discovered his love for music at a very young age. He sang along with artists on the radio, hoping to one day acquire the same success. It wasn't until his time at the prestigious Boys Choir of Harlem, did he really begin to own his skills by learning to read and compose music. With his freshly learned skills, and even bigger…


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Our boy dj iceman does it again with another launch. this time is a blog. "The website was a temporary placeholder till i could get this blog up and running" Its something ive wanted to do for a while,now its coming to fruition" the blog is a mix of old school and new school hip-hop videos and songs,and is the main focal point for Big Boss Ent's promotional/placement…


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The Seattle rhyme slinger is back and this time he has Houston's finest,the one and only Flip Gate$ ridin shotgun.



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Who Is David Broadhurst???

Two rappers, David Broadhurst and YoungTone have decided to use their rap to make a difference, not only donating to charity, but to bring awareness to issues affecting the world in their release of "Corruption" which is about Government Policies affecting the world, such as our government trying to take our "Right to Bear Arms and other related issues affecting society…


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NEW HEAT ALERT Rez Burna-Fugazi

Rez Burna, born Reuben Perez McCon, has been working hard on creating his own lane. He released his debut mixtape Burnapocalypse in September of 2010. He followed with the powerful single “Supercali” featuring Waka Flocka Flame, and is only getting better with each new song he writes. Rez’s ability to write memorable hooks is evident from the first listen to any of his songs, and he aspires to write for pop and R&B artists.

“The artist that I’ve looked up to…


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Who Is Poe'Leone ???

Poe’Leone pursuing a music career he was basically born and was always a struggle when growing up in the worst area in Detroit , known as East Jefferson. Where the crime and dropout rates are normal statistical for the life he comes from and still is intertwined in many areas. Although he overcame a lot of obstacles and dead ends and still struggling to beat the odds…


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