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HypeMan Promotions's Blog – December 2015 Archive (3)

FRANK WHITE -TRINA ft Gme Guttaboy

I was born and raised in DADE County grew up in liberty city. I started rapping about 5 years ago with counting money entertainment and now I'm a part of burdskool records. I'm a motivational speaker and a mentor and last but not least I love helping whatever community I am in my work speak for itself God got me here for a reason. Music…


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Redboyy Talk with Hustlerz Lounge Radio

12002260_400918623440033_3008902244151664261_n 1. What’s going on? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from. Yo what's up I'm Redboyy , i rep Cincinnati ohio, born and raised. Ohio all day. Midwest stand up. Lol

2. When did you start rapping and who or what inspired you? Actually I started writing music years ago, i just…


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89f4f69c-a4b0-464c-95f4-0897694143c3 Kalyko is MORE THAN JUST A RAPPER, HE IS AN ENTERTAINER/SONGWRITER; It's the drive and determination Kalyko bring to the table that makes him different than any other. Kaly has been grinding for years now and it's finally his turn to show the world that Hard Werk DOES PAY OFF!! Kalyko was born Kory Wilson on March 5, in England on a military base. At the age of 3 he…

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