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Love Has Color But...

I don't have nothing against a black man who has a preference in dating a woman who isn't black, just like I have nothing against a black woman who has a preference in dating a man who isn't black. I am all here for all kinds of love because the color doesn't make the love, the effort, the feeling, the trust, the consistency, the loyalty etc makes the love so who ever makes you happy is the person you should spend your life with. …


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A Woman's Type!

I am convinced that every woman has a list of things they want in a man and things they absolutely CANNOT stand about a man. There are some things a woman could look past but there are also things that is a DEAL-BREAKER and it is absolutely okay for a woman to know exactly what she wants, just like it is okay for a man to know exactly what he wants because I am not a man with a…


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It's Sexy Time -- She's the biggest freak he knows..

This girl is no average girl. He's been waiting his whole life for a girl like her but no body was freaky enough, no body wanted to try the thing he wanted to try and nobody was NASTY enough. But this girl was a little more than he wanted and he loved every little bit of it. ... 

As he walked into the room he saw her standing there with a white lace negligee and candles everywhere. She was…


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Interview with Pittsburgh's Realest Mykeal Knight

Hi, my name is Leena Ching and I have met quite a few artists in the industry who wants to make their mark in the game and surrounding all the hype around Straight Outta Compton, I am curious to see how the rappers of today feel and what inspired them and what we can expect from them. It is no secret that the industry has changed drastically, but I wanted to get into the mind of Artists today and I want to share with you the behind the scenes of The Artist of…


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My Interview With Authors Aja Taylor & C. Lynette ; The Divas of Urban Fiction!

Hello, I am Leena Ching and I am the author of Misplaced Loyalty and Scandalous. As a author, there are a lot of things you learn about how to capture your audience, how to appeal to your readers and it really tests your creativity. But even though, a author main goal is to sell their fans some good stories and capture them through their words our journey is not the same. I am joined here with two authors: C. Lynette author of Ebony Articles: Volume 2 and Aja Taylor author…


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The Story Behind iREP Anti. FEAR

All my life I have been afraid to accomplish due to the fear of failure and I am sure we all agree when I  say with all the injustice and horrific tragedies that have taken place there are more than a few people who have a fear to live because of everything that has taken place and I wanted to originally launch something that I would be the only one wearing just to stick out but then I realized how appropriate the time was for…


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Truth Be Told. . .

This story with Sandra Bland, is so disturbing and heartbreaking to me. I am from Canada and I have witnessed cars switch lanes without signaling before and though it is a dangerous act, it was not worth a arrest, it is worth no more than a ticket and a couple points taken off at most. To make matters worse, she was found dead in her cell and they had a nerve to take a picture…


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My Interview Of Great Pride With Reuben Walton

Today, as Pride Month comes to a end, I wanted to pick the brain and learn more about the gay community so I went out to look for somebody who was willing to answer a few questions to help us understand more than we already know. I have the pleasure of interviewing Reuben Walton from Woods Hole, Massachusetts and he is willing to answer some burning questions I have.…


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Hey everybody,

My name is Leena Ching and I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. & before anyone ask No! I do not know Drake but Yes, this is where he runs with his woes. I am from the city and I have no idea what "woes" are Lol. I'm so behind sometimes.

I am a authoress with two books under my belt by the name of Misplaced Loyalty & Scandalous. Misplaced Loyalty I wrote at 18 and I had it sitting around for years until I met my publisher and she wanted to sign me and… Continue

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