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Singer, Songwriter Tim Jackson Releases His New Album "Better Late Than Never"

Soulful. Soulful is a word often mentioned when describing the sound Tim Jackson creates. His piano led pop style sound has been compared to the likes of Billy Joel, Paul Simon and Elton John too name a few. Not that he sounds the same, but his creative capabilities and ear gripping sound that makes you want to move your feet, or cry, or just be happy,…


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Violinist Hannah Woolmer Preps For Her November 3rd Release Of The Single "Clockwork Me"

Amazingly skilled, Hannah Woolmer has been toning her craft and is ready to take the world by storm with beautiful music. Bringing an emotionally soulful sound to her presentation is what has set Hannah apart from the rest. Her new single 'Clockwork me" is slated to drop Novemeber 3rd on Spotify and other major distribution…


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Russ Still & The Moonshiners Release The New Single "Monkey See" AT A Critical Time In The world

Russ Still & The Moonshiners hit the nail on the head with the creative content of the new single "Monkey See."  At a time in the world where people have almost stopped thinking for themselves. Only following and making decisions based on popular demand, we see the world turning into a "follow-the-leader" type of society. And Russ Still & The…


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Jon Fuller Releases New Single And Lyric Video For "Get Down"

Indie musician Jon Fuller just released the single "Get Down" from his popular project "The Art of Denial."  With a steady guitar riff and Jon's gentle voice crooning over the beat, "Get Down" holds the emotion of fun all in its energy. The lyric video is more of a professional video, as it plays out the lyrics being jotted down intoo a notebook with little…


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JBando's Single '12,000,000 Clips" Continues To Rise On Charts As It Just Passed 50 Million Streams!!

JBando mixes EDM, Hip Hop and a wickedly formed lyrical delivery to give listeners and sound and vibe they have not yet heard. It's different and catchy and has…


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Trio Of Aesuhm Releases New Single "Nevertheless"

Trio of Awesuhm has been creating a nice buzz, getting great feedback and pulling in some nice numbers on the release of their "Cowboys&Aliens" project. They are currently promoting the single "Nevertheless," and if you've never heard of Trio of Awesuhm...Nevertheless is a perfect introduction.

Their sound and style quickly take you to a…


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Rose Coyote Gets Intelligent In The Release Of Their New EP "Clever Girl"

Lydia Rose, lead single and the creative mind and artist behind the artwork, and a man of many Hats such as bass, beats, recording, arrangement, mixing and mastering, Dave Hagan, form the group "Rose Coyote."  And they have built quite a following with their cover plays of popular music.  Staying true to their natural passion for making music, they have…


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Leah Capelle Preps To Release "Giants" 9/21 And We Have An Exclusive Listen To The Single "Out of Love"

Leah Capelle makes soul touching music. Her sound holds true emotion. So when I say her upcoming project "Giants" is a big deal to her fanbase...its no small thing. And today, for those patiently waiting..we have an exclusive listen to her lead single "Out of Love." Capturing the feeling of strength within confusion and sorrow, "Out of Love" is an amazing…


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The Interplanetary Acoustic Team Releases A New Single/Video "Light Sketch"

                  (CLICK Photo To Stream "Light Sketch" On SoundCloud)

Different....different like the sounds from out of this world. ..That would be my immediate description of The Interplanetary Acoustic Team's new single.  Teaming up with Ilyse Kusnetz, they deliver a…


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Vince Iesha Releases New Single "Acid" On All Major Digital Distribution And Streaming Platforms

Vince Iesha brings soul and passion within the sound of the music. A true feel of emotion flows through each note.  The sounds ability to reach the listeners soul has been a huge part of building their following. The latest single "Acid" is just that. A warm vibe is released in the single before the words even start. And once they do...prepare to be swept…


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Harmless Habit Releases New Song/Video "Tight!"

Excitement and professionalism are strong keys in the overall sound and vibe of Harmless habit's new single "Tight!." Accompanied with an edge of your seat type feel to the video, Harmless Habit continues to show why they should be next in line to rise in an industry filled with made up musicians and recycled repetitive sound. Harmless habit brings something different…


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The Gary Douglas Band Releases New Single "Nothing Ever Goes As Planned"

The Gary Douglas Band has just released their new single. A life relatable  yet motivational song titled "Nothing Ever Goes As Planned." And if life hasn't shown you that yet, trust when I say it will.  And when that lesson comes about, just press play on this new single and get motivated to find your away around broken plans and keep pushing forward for your…


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Rhett Repko Is Releasing The New Single "Lately Baby"

Rhett Repko has been an extremely consistent musician this year. Continually releasing music and doesn't have any plans of stopping soon. He is prepping to release his new song "Lately baby," a hard rock single with a soft melody. Sounds confusing? I prefer to use the term creative. And Rhett is exactly that. Today we have a sneak peak listen to the song.…


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Victoria Celestine Preps To Release Her New Single "Good Heart To Hide

Victoria Celestine's Ep "Wasted Tears" has been gaining quite the buzz. Labeled as an ode and easement to heart break, Wasted Tears is gaining her recognition for her singing and songwriting. She is prepping to release her single "Good Heart To Hide" off the EP. A powerful single about wanting to love and be be protected at the same time. And today we…


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Major Moment Drops Some New World Based Music With The Single "Before It's Too Late"

                              (CLICK Cover Art To Stream On Soundcloud)

Anyone with a bit of thinking for themselves can clearly see we are living in dangerous times. The unacceptable is accepted. The excuses are given and allowed. No one wants to hold accountability for their own actions...and it is ok as long as there is someone…


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Super Composer Melvin Fromm Jr Inks A Deal As He Creeps Up One 1,000 Releases

Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. lands new record label deal in 2018 and they have released over 800 new songs on Spotify and more places across the entire world with more on the way as all songs recorded by top pro musicians that have music star filled bio's. You can tune into Composer Melvin Fromm Jr.'s Spotify artist page- …


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Major Moment Releases A Tribute To Chester Bennington With Their New Single "Leave Out All The Rest"

Musicians have always had a way of touching the souls of their listeners. The more emotional the touch of the music, the more loyal the fans become. And sadly, we as society always seem to lose some of the greats way before what we feel should have been their time. This falls true for Linkin Park vocalist, guitar player and pianist Chester Bennington. His music…


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Mr MooQ Releases New Single "Dreaming In Color"

Mr MooQ drops a smooth piece of music with 'Dreaming In Color." Capturing a euphoric vibe in the sound of production, Mr MooQ lays cloud 9 type vocals. Together the music captures you and takes you away to a place of serine environment. Mr MooQ creates emotion and content with in his music. And "Dreaming In Color is no different. You can check out the lyric…


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Blush Unseen Is Making Noise In The Indie Scene With Their Single "The Red Score"

Blush Unseen is a music project based in Turin, Italy. Its sound blurs the lines between the melodies of indie pop and the energy of alternative rock.

The name is inspired by a line from Gray's poem "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" meaning that sometimes greatness or beauty occurs without being noticed.

The project…


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Bernard Pollo Releases A Cover Of Maroon 5's 'Wait"

Just a normal guy covering music that touched his soul to touch the listeners souls. Bernard Pollo enjoys singing and playing the guitar. He picked up his trusty strings, tuned them up, and made a live cover rendition of maroon 5's popular song "Wait." And Bernards talent flows through the music into you chakras. An amazing artist and…


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