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Free Spoken Word & Roots Reggae Fusion Download! Can I Get A Amen? by Kamal Imani

Free Spoken Word Poetry and Roots Dub Reggae Song by Kamal.

Could I get an AMEN?

You and I must either elevate into new psycho spiritual socio economic and afro communal paradigms, or rust-- into the complacent dust- of oblivion.

Begining with the multiverse of self, we must realize the universal interdependence of us on all other peoples and, of all other… Continue

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Checking out:



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Gaddafi's Ties To the CIA

Gaddafi's Ties To the CIA

Recently Minister Louis Fharrakahn made vield threats to President Obama for U.S actions in Libya in establishing a no fly zone by way of a UN Security Council resolution to protect protestors whom Gaddafi had threaten to slaughter those whom he called "rats".

Minister Fharrakhan and others in the Black media has mostly condmened the US's role in the establishing the no-fly stone and said that the… Continue

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AdvancEd Issues Report On Tea Party Controlled School Board

In response to complaints and allegations by the North Carolina NAACP that the Tea Party controlled Wake County School Board in Wake County, North Carolina, was working to segregate schools. The organization AdvancED conducted a special review of the Wake County Public schools. AdvancED is the world’s largest education community, serving more than 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in 69…


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BTR News Brief Exclusive - Color Of Change's New Jim Crow Conference

The Color of Change recently hosted a conference call for grassroots activists on… Continue

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Fredrick Jermaine Carter Mississippi Hanging Update & Does Bob Johnson Get A Ghetto Pass for Making Billions?

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Brother Ron of W.E. A.L.L B.E News & Radio issued an important update on the Mississippi hanging of Fredrick Jermaine Carter. Brother Ron has been constant contact with Mr. Carter’s mother,…


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The Haters Address: Republican Peter King & The Homeland Security Committee

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You may have heard about the hearings being conducted by Homeland Security Chairman Peter King’s. These so-called hearings were called to examine the extent of the radicalization of American Muslims. This is the same Peter King who supported the Irish Republican Army, which was a military… Continue

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"Speak YO Peace Radio"

"Speak YO Peace Radio" will be in full effect Thursday 1pm Pacific 4pm Eastern with yours truly & DJ Sopany and my special guest Until NO More! She reigns from the Baldwin Hills community of Los Angeles' where history takes us back to better times! Meet this diamond in the ruff as she expounds on her experience and sheds insight on the Urban environment of her youth! We will be all the way live on ustream as well!…

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The Haters Address: The Grass Is Not Always Greener In Africa

Welcome to the podcast series "The Haters Address" where the hate being expressed by people of all color, creeds, gender, sexual preferences and ethnic group will be addressed. No one is immune, if you've been drinking the hater-aide, you will be addressed. The title of this segment is "The Grass is not Always Greener in Africa".

The Associted Press published an article yesterday about a new book focusing on US President Abraham Lincoln. It starts off by… Continue

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Clarence Thomas Should Be Disbarred & Removed from the Supreme Court

Todays News Headlines:

  • NAACP Image Awards on Fox Television Network
  • Time Warner Launching Women's Entertainment Network, Calls it Empowering
  • Another Facebook Feud Between Black Women Ends In Senseless Death
  • Calls For Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's Disbarment
  • Huckabee Lies To Cover Up Lie About Obama's Anti-West…

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Huckabee Paints False Picture of President Obama’s Childhood in Defense of British Butcher

By Scotty Reid

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Republican Presidential hopeful, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is in the news for making comments about President Obama’s worldview being shaped by British colonialism in Africa specifically referring to Kenya, the birthplace of Obama’s father.

Huckabee said that President Obama’s youth has caused him to resent the West and explains… Continue

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Justice Department Fails To Act In Shooting of Black Children by Alleged North Carolina Racist

By Scotty Reid

Here we are in 2011, two years after the incident and Eric Holder’s and Obama’s Justice Department has yet to charge this monster with a hate crime under federal statutes. One must also ask why North Carolina considers hate crimes based on ethnicity to only be a misdemeanor offence.

Caswell County is under the The United… Continue

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The Importance of Creating a Black Talk Radio Network for the Global Black Community

“Celebrating what would’ve been Dr Martin Luther King‘s 82cd birthday and in doing so we should all be mindful of the power of his words. We should be mindful of King’s words as we continue to dialogue about what sort of responsibility those who speak to the public have especially via broadcast medium.

In 1967, Dr. King delivered a rare and powerful speech in Atlanta to NATRA (National Association of Television and Radio Announcers). The members of this important African American… Continue

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The African Union May Send Troops To Libya

By Scotty Reid

The African Union has condemn the violent crackdown on protestors seeking regime change in the north African nation of Libya which has been ruled by Muammar al-Gaddafi, since he rose to power through a military coup in 1969.

After popular movements overturned the governments of Dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, both of which borders Libya…

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Man on a mission

Hip-hop artist Knowa (pronounced: Noah) is on a mission. He makes music not just to entertain, but to educate, enlighten, and inform. While this is a growing trend in the music industry, "conscious music" (as it's been dubbed) is surprisingly absent from both the historical archives of music and from today's public airwaves. With a foundation in urban music, where decidedly "unconscious" themes of violence, illicit drugs, and sex seem to run more rampant than in other genres, conscious music… Continue

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Voice of America Website Hacked By Iranian Cyber Army?

By Scotty Reid

The Voice of America website was hacked on Tuesday afternoon by individuals claiming to represent the Iranian Cyber Army. When clicking on a Google News link to a VOA story titled "Chicago Votes for Mayor, Obama Advisor Leads Polls", instead of being taken to the news article, websurfers saw a screen with a message to Secretary of State Hillary… Continue

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