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Miss Sosa puts life experiences to music in new single "Not The One"

When life gives you a calling, it may take years before you understand why it's calling, why you’re the one chosen to give the world a gift you knew you had but wasn't quite sure it was for you. A lot of artists dive into the music world because it’s a trend but when music is your gift, it becomes the reason you stand out. Sometimes you must go through painful life lessons before you take that risk, but once you do…


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Heavy P - "Unrivaled"

Rising artist Heavy P just dropped a hot new single titled "Unrivaled". Check it…


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G DUBS - "Big Moreno"

G DUBS is about to shake the industry up globally. The combination of his music, versatility, and persona exemplifies his diverse background, being from Ghana, born in Canada, with roots in New York City. His newest release, “Big Moreno” displays his catchy word play and unique cadence. Far from mumble…


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Atlantis Found & Continental T. - "Thank You"

"Thank You" is an Atlantis Found project written, recorded, mixed, and produced by Continental T. Check it out below!…


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Ana Kiri Has a Lot to Say in "Beat of Freedom"

Thanksgiving weekend is a time for family and pondering our roots. Ana Kiri returns with the perfect song for the occasion. "Beat of Freedom" is a vulnerable, inspirational song by Ukrainian born and raised, Ana Kiri. The single has an epic sound reminiscent of "Hall of Fame" by The Script, which utilizes Pop,… Continue

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Radamez References New Life and Beginnings In The Resiliency Project Album

Talented lyricist, Radamez, drops a new album titled “The Resiliency Project,” referencing new life and new beginnings, using African references and content infused with his unique style and hip-hop 

Ramel Joseph Williams, popularly known by the stage name, Radamez, is set to deliver another amazing listening…


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Monay Sha'Reece & Shady Nate release new music 'Bonnie & Clyde'

A soulful melody about an unbreakable couple on a mission to beat the odds and overcome the struggle right by each others side. Amazing vocals executed by Monay Sha'Reece with the rhythmic melody executed by the Bay Area Legend himself - Shady Nate.…


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After 40 Years of Wandering in the Desert, This Man’s Music Makes It Out Alive

Grand Haven, MichiganIf 1 Corinthians 1:27 applies to anyone, it certainly applies to Ian, at least in regard to music: “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. Like prophets, God knows his servants even before they are formed in the womb.” The LORD blessed Ian with the abilities to write lyrics and create unique melodies. He…


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Donpicassi - "Neighborhood Trauma"

Donpicassi A.K.A Jah-Zzz He Jamaican And Haitian Decent. Grew Up In The Rough Upstate Borough Of Syracuse, Ny Aka [Zone 3]. His Music Journey Started AtThe Age Of 8 Years Old. Donpicassi Took Music More Seriously After The Passing Of His Grandfather The Legendary "Papa Frank" And His Music Mentor "TallBuck$". Jah-zzz…


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Reshaping Hip Hop with Honest Street Anthems and Uplifting Chill Blends – Scoolascoola Drops Striking New Album ‘Dulup’

A wonderful addition to the artist’s mesmerizing discography, ‘Dulup’ shines a new light on Scoolascoola’s unique blends of Hip Hop and Rap

Supply, NC — Released under the Branch Off Records production umbrella, Scoolascoola’s newest album is arguably the artist’s best work yet. Rightfully being touted as the artist’s potential breakthrough into the Hip Hop industry, ‘Dulup’ is an expressive narration of everything that the budding…


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Developing Healing and Kindling Hope Through the Universality of Rock – Noir Dream’s 6-Track EP ‘Within’ Set to Inspire

Nurturing kindness, empathy, and healing through his inimitable and characteristic tracks, Noir Dream’s new record ‘Within’ is disrupting the Rock scene

Woodland, WA — In stark contrast with the discordant and soulless music of today, Noir Dream is crafting musical compositions that bring back meaning to Rock. Weaving together heartfelt, moving, and important stories within his tracks, the eclectic singer-songwriter hopes to amaze…


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An Exciting Mix Of Multiple Genres: Efye Releases Music That Syncs With The Heart And Mind.

This collection of music is known for making the audience experience a multitude of emotions ranging from happiness and sadness in an extremely relatable way. 

Birmingham, Alabama — Efye is a new up-and-coming artist who produces music that comes straight from the heart. The eclectic musician uses a mixture of Hip-hop, Pop, R&B, and Rap to bring his musical vision to life. In doing so, the…


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Esounds is an exec record producer from the Atlanta, GA area. Esounds and his team has released music with some of the hottest inspiring artist.

Snellville, GA — Esounds has been producing for almost 10 year, working with artist in the Atlanta, Ga area. Esounds has built a team of producers, songwriters, and engineers to produce the best record.

Esounds is rising in the music industry by collabing with multiple artist and releasing his own music. With Esounds talent of producing and finding talented artist he is able to help jump start artist career. Anyone can find Esounds’s music on all…


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Music That Incites Hope And Glee: Zanna Records Announces A New Collaboration With Belarusian Model, Nadine.

Zanna Record, the international Record Label by songwriter Music Producer Gianluca Zanna, is all set to reach new heights with Nadine as their music video star.

Miami, Florida — Zanna Records is Gianluca Zanna’s labor of love. It is a new up-and-coming musical enterprise that believes in creating unforgettable songs inspired by real-life emotions. In this sense, the rising star is known…


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Ghxst is ready for the Hollywood music scene.

Newark, NJ — Ghxst is manifesting his Music career one note at a time. With his driven skills and Midas ear there’s no comparing him to anyone. That’s what makes him super unique in his field.

The way Ghxst blends musical fusions by creating original compositions and collaborations is genius.

He’s been under the radar submitting to major labels, tv, animation, landing placements within the music industry and…


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Avalanche The Architect - "Auditory Blitzkrieg"

Avalanche The Architect has cultivated a unique sound based on the Hip Hop music he grew up with. His passion and drive are extremely apparent, as he pours his love for music into his songs.

He aims to bring Hip Hop music back to its roots and infuses his tracks with personal experiences,…


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Reggae Star H-Cool Released: Pressures Of Life

New York, N/A — International Reggae Star H-Cool Released (Pressures Of Life).  The song painted a vivid picture of the hardship young people faced daily. The song is out now on YouTube and on all music platforms; produced by Omasters Entertainment.

The youngsters especially in the third world countries have little or no opportunity for real growth and music like Pressures Of Life is a gateway for their cries to be heard. The hope is the government…


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Lil Travis - "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

Rising artist Lil Travis just dropped a hot new album titled "Out of Sight, Out of Mind". Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.…


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Mississippi Artist drops new album called "RESET"

"RESET" Album from Ace4K 

Check out the new album from Mississippi artist; Ace4K!! Very versatile guaranteed to grasp your attention so press play and vibe out.…


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Rap & Trap Collective Debuting Mixtape As Treat To Loyal Fans

Monkey Chunk Musik co-founder, Sachey presents a birthday mixtape that hosts over 10 creatives across the music lowers spectrum.


Columbia, TN  November 22, 2022-- This may be the biggest…


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