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Being from a small town like Joliet aka Thumper City, in the Midwest area of gritty Chicago, IL GRAMz grew up around struggle. Although he does come with a lot of support, unfortunately that also comes with hate. At the age of 23 years old, he has introduced a different style he likes to call “Slick Talking”. He has been working to take his name and brand to the next level and has the talent to continue on that path. GRAMz is influenced by a wide variety of different rappers from the likes of: Yo Gotti, Lil Webbie, and Future, just to name a few. He started his come up hustling in the streets where Joliet made him become the Icon he is now. Stay tuned for what he has in store.

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Q and A

What projects are you currently working on?  
-Im Currently Working On My Project Called DoGGPounD a Mixtape Im seeking Dj scream On and Bout To Drop A Hot Single Called Touch On It

What do you do when not working?
-When Im Not Working Im Stil In The Studio This My Life foreal or Creating New Fashion for My Line I Have

What type of products do you like to endorse if any, for example is there a headphones that you can't live without?
-Ima Hennessy Drinker So They Get a lot Of Love From Me and I Love Apple Products you can Never go wrong with being Organized

What are some of your favorite charities?
-Right Now Im focused On Making My city Better  so The 815 Movement been On My Mind Cause I Like what they been Doing and The Churches around my area And I also Have a Charity Event Coming Up With athletes Foots

Who inspired you to pursue your dream of performing as an artist?
- I just Got tired Of Seeing The Ones I Look up to On The rap Side In My city I thought was Gone Make it Never Get A chance because of some Bs (death/Cage)…So My City Joliet Was My inspiration So Giving Hope was all I wanted To do So They are The ones That push Me Hard.

What do you like to watch on TV?  
-I Don’t Watch Tv To Be Honest I Only Watch Movies Menace 2 Society my Sh*t I can watch That Back to Back.

How did you get discovered?
-By staying 10 Toes Down in Humble Bout My Work knowing that One Day the Right People a come with the right Opportunity

What would you be if you were not pursuing a music career? 
-That aint Hard I Be In The Streets Still Ducking The Law Doing What I do To take of Mines that’s all I Know Was Hustle Pops Taught Me that.

What is you favorite music besides your own, any fans of past artists/groups?
-Im a Big Webbie , Yo Gotti and Future Fan, Gotti Motivated me tho He Speak Straight to the streets

Where did you grow up? What was it like and how has it led to where you are today?
-I Grew Up In Thumper city Joliet Il 20mins from Chicago. Men My City is Undefined you wont understand us unless you from here Becauseits reckless it’s another story added to the HoodTales the Gutta a lot of Hate, You That Dude if you make it out here for real but I guesss its just like every other hooded area Nobody fear Nobody Joliet Missing a lot of Hope So with Me coming From a place Like Joliet It Build me For the world In Made me The Person Im em Today I Love My city I Represent Them.

What kind of kid were you? 
-Growing Up I Was the Problem Child, Hard Headed in Got introduce to the streets early I always kicked it with the Old Heads, In love running the Streets with My Shottas

What's your dream opportunity, in a perfect
world, if what you said goes from this day forward, where would GRAMZ be tomorrow?
-I Just Want To get My Loved ones Out the Hood and continue to wake up every Day Blessed no dealing with the Law im Tired of them In GRAMz Gone Be every where Im Next Up I Know It.

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