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The New Ventures Workshop for beginning entrepreneurs from Open for Business Ventures at World Impact is January 21st from 9am until 5pm! At WORLD IMPACT 275 SUSSEX AVENUE, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 07107 SIGN UP HERE

New Ventures Workshop: Startup Class for Beginning Entrepreneurs from C.J. Meenan on Vimeo.


Check Out Matt U Johnson and Kadeve DaKing and Shkëlqim Mavraj

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Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: #PopStars Mixtape Vol. 25

It is Still Possible to Get a Record Deal! We have developed a System to help talented artists get a record deal and make a living with their talent. We have 40 entertainment attorneys willing and waiting to shop the projects that we give to them. The way the System works is like this: the artist signs a 2 page demo agreement that says they will demo a 10 song album with D-Moet. The demo fee/studio time is $500 per song. Then we match the artist with one of the attorneys to get them a deal. Once the artist gets a deal, according to the demo agreement, the record company will pay D-Moet's production fee. Contact D-Moet Productions on their Facebook Page and tell them Kamal Imani referred you! *The Studio is located in Bergen County NJ (10 Minutes from NYC) ______________________________________________________ Check Out KamalsupremeMktg Buy hot new Hip Hop Beats! Bless The Mic Beats and Instrumentals! Slam Champion Shana Lewis from NJ ripped the mic at the Global Entrepreneur Expo November 20th, 2016 representing for Cryout. Kamal Imani Bless The Mic Magazine Kamal Supreme Promotions

A MUST SEE MOVIE! November 20th, 2016 All Roads Lead to The Global Entrepreneur Expo in Rahway NJ. Admission is Free! Fun for the Family! Fashion Shows, Spoken Word, Gospel and More! See the Video on Youtube!

Excel Expo LLC Presents' The First Annual Global Entrepreneur Expo's PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA! *Unique Gifts * Bargain Prices *Fashion Shows *Exciting Entertainment *Fun For Kids *Prizes & Give Aways Price: FREE! Donations are appreciated. November 20, 2016 12:00-5:00 pm Rahway Recreation Center 275 E. Milton Ave, Rahway, NJ 07065 Sponsors: Spark Era Designs, FAB, & True Potential Non-Profit Vendors Welcome! Contact Us @ Kimberly Phelps Excel Expo, CEO 201-208-5569 Excel to greatness! I Am Exceptional is about you, it's about me, it's about the human potential, it's about inspiration and self love through the vehicle of the Spoken Word (poetry). You will love this peace! Please Like, Love, download and Share! Download on exceptional

For the best in entertainment marketing and business consulting go to: Contact Tarik at 201-304-3135 and tell him that Kamal referred you. This is A Message From the Black Emergency Broadcast System is a urban poetic spoken word Red Alert message for the people in times of crisis by veteran award winning reporter Kamal Supreme! message-from-the-black-emergency-broadcast-system Lyrics This is a Broadcast from the Black Emergency Broadcast System! This is a Broadcast from the Black Emergency Broadcast System! We interrupt this hip hop message with a special news bulletin from WRBG (Red Black and Green) I am your anchor and national correspondent Kamal Supreme reporting live from a hood near you somewhere, on Martin Luther King Blvd Where black people still have a dream and still come up hard. The Asians, Indians, Europeans, Arabs and Latinos seem to know something that we, the Black people as a whole,still don't seem to know perhaps through all the beurocracy, red tape, White Supremacy racism, Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome, Crabs in a barrel, Nigger and bitch, pimp and hoe, divide and conquer, gangland tribalism that we are distracted by on a daily basis-WE SIMPLY DIDN'T GET THE MEMO and that memo is WE NEED COMMUNITY CONTROL yo We need community control So when anyone kills anyone of us, and tries to get low, their jobs must go, We must control the criminals and the police patrols. We must vote the haters out and take Community Control We must control the money circulation Wherever you can, buy black throughout the nation and effectively use the tool of the boycott Theres a Chinese proverb that says "A man who doesn't smile should open up shop". So If they can't smile at us, Meet and greet us, respect us and communicate with us, If we're walking while black talking while black shopping while black or driving while black and they follow us, and they seem angry, irate or suspicious, They shouldn't get any money from us! No respect, No dough, No income flow and as a matter of fact, yo ass gotta go cause we're taking back - community control! So let black dollars circulate, round and round let's build some pyramids, some black towns Respect the Black Woman every day and stop killin your brother, cause we could all get paid, once we build Black Town USA Now you got the memo, it's community control Please share this, tweet this, and spread the word yo reporting live from a hood near you somewhere on the Blvd of Martin Luther King I am your anchor man, commander of counter propaganda and special news correspondent Kamal Supreme from WRBG Red Black and Green Saying pool your resources and Unite the Power! Comunnity control These where the actions of our elders and ancestors the Garveyites, Muslims and Black Panthers! * If you don't like the way you're mistreated by the cops, buy black, and let your vote rock If you don't like the way your treated by the people at the top, buy black and let your vote rock A man who doesn't smile, should open up shop buy black and let your vote rock and lock down ya block lock down ya block! ak This is a Broadcast from the Black Emergency Broadcast System! This is a Broadcast from the Black Emergency Broadcast System!

20 Year Old CJ Rampage powerlifts 320. Call him for security! Also for movies and videos Hit him on Youtube cj rampage

Great business info! *Receive A Free Artist/Model/Author Page! *Upload Videos & Movies! *Upload Music! *Start your own Blogs and Blog Groups! *Network With Other Artists and Music Business Professionals on BLESS THE MIC MAGAZINE Social Network @ A Must See! With the Hip Hop DJ's and Promoters The Wondertwinz in the East Villiage @ the Ron Alexander Show!

OURSPACE: NEW ORLEANS from Tony Ditata on Vimeo.

Watch Episode 4: THOSE WHO WALK AMONG US! To see more episodes and trailers go to Demothemovie! Featuring Kamal Imani, Carla Kennedy, Born, Terrence, Aaliyah Moreno,Baraqa Porgho, Perry Wynn and more! Directed by Carla Kennedy and Rick Williams Recording artist and entertainers Matt U Johnson and Kadeve are at it again with a new single #Reflect ft Kosovo Singer songwriter Shkelqim Mavraj. The two met back in Los Angeles in 2013 and were first introduced by pop star Colby O'donis's father Freddy Colon online. The two recently got back together and started working again in late 2015 and decided also to kick off a joint independent tour called The ReflectionXVI tour. If that wasn't enough Matt U Johnson and Kadeve are also charting on the black music charts in Germany for two of there most recent singles Fly Away and My Life EDM. The tour will be international with dates to be announced in Portugal and Germany, these two driven gentlemen are on a one way path to success, the sky is the limit. The tour will be a unity based positive vibe experience with eclectic sounds and music that can touch anyone, no matter age,color, or creed. For more information: Live Show @ Da Hill Reunion / Star Power Collective 2012 , Easy Lee , Dano B. , Spoonie G. , Treacherous 3 , The Fearless 4 , D.J. Tony Tone & The Cold Crush 4 , T- Ski Valley , @ 129th Street St. Nicholas Park August 25 , 2012 , " BLOCK-PARTY " , H-A-R-L-E-M , U.S.A Yo, This was INCREDIBLE! CLASSIC! MEMOIR! HIP HOP DNA WHAT? Thanks for posting! I went back in time. Back down memory lane! If you want the essence of hip hop check this out! ***** CHECK OUT THE NEW WEBISODE "THOSE WHO WALK AMONG US' PART 3! This is a hot hip hop/Godhop concert brought to you by Elyon Entertainment and Mrs. Kim Phelps. Dynamic talent was in the house at Jersey Cities St. Peters University. Enjoy! Featuring Nokkio Music Group, Femcee and Soulstress Tine, Ish Rouse, Block Wryter, Comedian Ace Brown, Kim Phelps and much more! A Kamal Imani Promotions/Bless The Mic Media LLC *****KENDRICK LAMAR RIPS THE GRAMMYS! Sister Marie Michaelle Opening for Les Nubians with Boo City Spoken Word Poetry! >

Watch Bless The Mic Television!

Make Sure You Check Out "TEA WITH LEE" For Her latest Opinion on new happenings and current events! with LEE! "Bless The Mic TV" is scheduled to air on MNN4 Culture (channels TWC67 RCN85 FIOS36 and livestream on click on MNN4) the following dates. Jan 13 at 10:30pm Jan 24 at 3pm Feb 1 at 7:30pm Also airs on Cablevision and Time Warner Cable as well as throughout NYC Check out the New Mystery Suspense Thriller “Those Who Walk Among Us” Webisodes! Directed by Carla Kennedy, Rick Williams for Williams Media Co Starring Kamal Imani, Baraqa Porgo, Perry Wynn, Terrence, Awliya Moreno, Born and More! A very important question in this video is "Are you Googleable?" To make it in the entertainment and music business you have to seize opportunities. You must be prepared with promotional materials. Entertainment veteran Kamal Imani explains the importance of capitalizing on current opportunities that exist. In a rapidly changing industry, you can't afford to sleep on promotional opportunities as they arise. He provides artists, models, actors, radio and TV host the opportunity to submit videos for his Bless The Mic TV series as well as upload and post on Bless the Mic Magazine. He also provides some logical tips for success! Enjoy and take ACTION! Contact Kamal on FB Kamal.Imani and Blessthemicmagazine Online http://www.blessthemicmagazine, Kamal Imani Promotions photo blessthemichead_zps1dpfxqyu.jpg Models Get A Free Page on Bless the Mic Magazine and Join our Model Groups. Upload your portfolios and pictures! Models Upload Portfolios and Photos on Bless the Mic Magazine Online photo canstockphoto16991185_zps9hqysypc.jpgModels Upload Portfolios and Photos on Bless the Mic Magazine Online! photo 1newsexygirl_zps3n9b7fwg.jpg Fashion Model Simoine Valencia on Bless the Mic Magazine photo simoine_zps63f47434.png FUNK MASTER FLEX KEEPS IT REAL. ONLY IN NEW YORK MAN. FOR REAL! GOTTA LOVE HIM!

Check out "Those Who Walk Among Us" The New Webisode "Those Who Walk Among Us" Will premier Wednesday November 11th at 6:00 PM on You are invited to the following event: HIP HOP CAN CHANGE THE WORLD Event to be held at the following time, date, and location: Saturday, December 5, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM (EST) Saint Peter's University 2641 John F. Kennedy Boulevard Roy Irving Theatre Jersey City, NJ 07306 Vendors are wanted for a Mega Gospel Show at Saint Peters College on December 5th, 2015. Contact Kim Kimberly Phelps​ at 201-208-5569 for more information! Check out "The Storm Won't Last Forever" by Brother Kamal The MC's were out in the East Village this summer for the taping of the Ron Alexander Video Show. Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme of Bless the Mic TV and Magazine was in the building to bring them to your screen. Enjoy emerging lyricist bless the mic! Including but not limited to Lost Boyz Fam Gros Dinero and Female Phenom Jai *Flawless TYSHON! Archangel Technique Soultree Soul For more info call Ron Alexander TV at 718-220-3549 and go to Bless the Mic Magazine Online!

href="" target="_self">

You are Genius, is motivational spoken word poetry over a hip hop beat..It is letting you know that although times may get tough, you have the genius within to get through it and rise above it and reach success and happiness! You have innate talents and intelligence! By Motivational Speaker and Internationally known Spoken Word Lyricist Kamal Imani You are Genius! A star was born when you came out of your mother's womb You got smacked by a cold world now you got battle scars and wounds But it'll be a drag if you let that stop your swag You just had a little turbulence so shake off the jet lag You sang that song before, time to make a remix Transform from the dung of the earth and fly high like a phoenix You have genius within don't conceal but reveal itAnd let your dream vibrate so the whole world can feel it!Don't sit around with your head down in a comfort zone being content. While the world is waiting for you to step up and represent! Cause You are genius!In Your cranium, you have the same power, that powers the sun. You are pure fire! Electromagnetism.A bio chemical physical luminary carrying the Akashic DNA of great men and women of history.So the question becomes, what's your purpose? Who are you? Cause what man has done, man can doSo take a look in the mirror you're a miracleAnd there's nothing in this world that you can't do When you focus like laser beamsYour dreams will be felt and seenAnd when obstacles come on the road Your head you must hold Keep your balance Flow at a steady pace Stay focused manLove thyself and keep the faith Remember everything is a process And bringing anything to birth will be painfulSo give birth to the genius ----- that lives inside of you! You are Genius! Don't sit around with your head down in a comfort zone being content.While the world is waiting for you to step up and represent!Cause You have genius!©2012 Kamal Imani T.Oats­nius-by-kamal-imani #Genius is common, #youaregenius #spokenwordpoetkamalimani #ellen In fusion with an ancient traditional drumbeat and smooth chords, indigenous spoken word poet Kamal Imani manifest the purpose for and meaning of Unconditional Love! Cdbaby Kamal Imani


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DJ Download New Gospel House Track - Rejoice - I Got Jesus in My Soul! "Fire"

Posted by Bless the Mic! on February 24, 2017 at 10:30pm 0 Comments

Call it Gospel House. Call it Inspirational R&B Soul, but whatever you call it, it's a hit song that will get you up on your feet dancing and giving thanks and praise to God for all of your blessings. It has…


☆☆ Attention Poets !!! ☆☆ Poetry Contest for All Ages, Cash Prizes, Radio Exposure, Free Entry and Much More...

Posted by Hey Papi Promotions on February 11, 2017 at 11:00am 0 Comments

Poetic Transparency Radio Ministry Presents Poetic Empowerment Network Poetry Contest…


#BREAKINGNEWS: North Carolina Recording Artist, Philly Phil Signs A Major Distribution Deal With BDL4LIFE Entertainment & Presents New Single,''24/7''

Posted by BlessTheMicMag on January 9, 2017 at 3:40pm 0 Comments

North Carolina based Phillip Pearson known as Philly Phil boosted his career by his inspirational. Motivational music. At the…




[New Mixtape] Giulio4 - Unreasonable Doubt 2 | @IamGiulio4 @Promomixtapes

Started by Deejay Smoke (@PromoMixtapes) Dec 10, 2016. 0 Replies

As the hip-hop cultural…Continue

[Mixtape] A1 Hu$tle - #F*ckTrump #BitchWeGOV | @Im_A1HuSTLe

Started by Deejay Smoke (@PromoMixtapes) Nov 17, 2016. 0 Replies

STL artist A1…Continue

Tags: exclusive, underground, indie, unsigned, 2016

[Video] LRT/Unforgettable 1 Ent Presents: Stromile - Good Morning | @StromileU1Ent

Started by Deejay Smoke (@PromoMixtapes) Nov 15, 2016. 0 Replies

Artist: StromileHometown: Bakersfield, CaTitle: Good MorningYouTube:…Continue


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Dallas Recording Artist, Marc E Babi Presents Official Music Video For Brand New Single,''Lucky Day''

Marc E Babi is an independent musician from Dallas, TX. The talented artist has collaborated with producer and long time friend, Fonz. They have released three mix tapes in the last 3 years with the latest project being "Lucky Day”, which was just recently released on 3.17.17Watch The Official Music Video To ''Lucky Day'' by Marc E…See More
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Loving You Right - K'Coneil (Official #MusicVideo) - @YouTube @thekconeil

3rd single off his smash EP Love/Lust; Mr Genrefluid shows us another side of him with this sexy steamy video...Itunes - (Clean)Itunes - -…See More
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Hip Hop Emcee Fame Johnson Prepares to Release His Highly Anticipated Album "Da Wave". We Got a Sneak Peak and it's A Wave Worth Riding.

Fame Johnson has been hard at work to be recognized as a lyricist worth listening to. And he never fails to impress. Prepping to release his second full length album, Fame took a little time out his schedule and let us hear the up and coming project "Da Wave"...scheduled for a March 30th release, this writer,…See More
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armoney’s New Single, ''DRIP'' Building a Buzz in the Tri-State Area

With the combination of a dynamic sound, heavy-hitting bars and steamy sex appeal Brooklyn N.Y, multi-talented singer, rapper and songwriter Harmoney is back again with a new hot single “DRIP” that is currently creating a strip club frenzy up north. If you have set foot in any of the top exotic dance clubs in the tri-state area…See More
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The California Outcasts Drop Dope Video For Their Newest Single Titled "Authenticated" ft Christy Live

Young Invent & Jonny T have found various levels of music industry success via the international touring circuit or individual releases associated with major label systems (Universal Music Group Dist/Island Def Jam Digital Dist), respectively. Collectively known as The California Outcasts, the two emcees flex them skills with newcomer and BBW plus-size rap artist Christy Live. Check out the video for their hot new single Authenticated, then head on over to iTunes & show some well-earned…See More
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Trapped Out - Krank it (Music Video)

Purchase Trapped Out "Krank It" NOW on Itunes Shot by / Prod by Castro
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KC Pozzy X Monique Lawrence - My Promise

On the back of signing a publishing deal with Sony/ATV and his single ‘Car Key’ featuring UK femcee Ms Banks getting massive support and acclaim internationally, UK-based Nigerian musician KC Pozzy returns with an exciting new music Audio for yet another Afrobeats monster single titled ‘My Promise’. Kc Pozzy + Monique Lawrence Produced by Ayo Beatz, , and is certainly going to be a favourite this summer, among audiences in Africa and internationally.We can still expect the release of KC…See More
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